Season 5

Episode Guide


S5 E1
Jan 9, 2012
Season 5 premiere. Years later, Hank returns to L.A. to write a movie.

The Way Of The Fist

S5 E2
Jan 16, 2012
Season 5. Hank discovers a surprising connection to director Peter Berg.

Boys & Girls

S5 E3
Jan 23, 2012
Season 5. Hank delivers a script then tries to leave L.A. without success.

Waiting For The Miracle

S5 E4
Jan 30, 2012
Season 5. Hank reluctantly invites his ex-girlfriend to a dinner party.

The Ride-Along

S5 E5
Feb 6, 2012
Season 5. Hank and Charlie go on an eventful ride-along with the police.

Love Song

S5 E6
Feb 13, 2012
Season 5. Hank tries to write a song to help Sam break his musical block.

Here I Go Again

S5 E7
Feb 20, 2012
Season 5. Hank covers for the drunken Richard in order to support Karen.


S5 E8
Mar 5, 2012
Season 5. Hank reads Tyler's script; Charlie's "love quadrangle" heats up.

At The Movies

S5 E9
Mar 12, 2012
Season 5. Hank's rendezvous with a leading lady puts his movie in jeopardy.

Perverts & Whores

S5 E10
Mar 19, 2012
Season 5. Hank seeks new representation and meets one of his idols.

The Party

S5 E11
Mar 26, 2012
Season 5. His loved ones gather to bid farewell to the departing Hank.

Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be

S5 E12
Apr 2, 2012
Season 5 finale. Hank wonders if he's in Hell when he visits a local bar.