Season 9

Episode Guide

The Morning After

S9 E1
Sep 16, 1998
Brandon and Kelly sleep together the night of the aborted wedding. Brandon considers their night together a mistake, while Kelly realizes that she wishes they had married after all.

Budget Cuts

S9 E2
Sep 23, 1998
Carl decides to annul his marriage to Abby because he believes that he has a future with Valerie. Valerie comes clean with her mother about her night with Carl, and confesses to killing her father. Despite Val's claims of self-defense, Abby plans to turn her in.

Dealer's Choice

S9 E3
Sep 30, 1998
Abby announces that she and Carl are planning to elope in Las Vegas, and asks Val to be her maid of honor. Valerie bonds with Carl during an evening at the casino, and sleeps with him the night before the wedding. A depressed Kelly begs Val to let her tag along on the trip because she believes that Brandon is seeing someone else.

Don't Ask- Don't Tell

S9 E4
Oct 28, 1998
Carl decides to annul his marriage to Abby because he believes that he has a future with Valerie. Valerie comes clean with her mother about her night with Carl, and confesses to killing her father. Despite Val's claims of self-defense, Abby plans to turn her in.

Brandon Leaves

S9 E5
Nov 4, 1998
Brandon announces that he has accepted a job with the Washington bureau of the New York Chronicle. Kelly and Donna prepare to open their store, Now Wear This. Brandon becomes unnerved by the realization that Kelly is getting on with her life, and feels threatened by Matt's presence.


S9 E6
Nov 11, 1998
Lenny receives joint custody of his daughter. After he explodes in a rage during his first visit, Kelly decides to help Leah and her daughter skip town and assume a new identity. Lenny follows them, realizes what they are planning, and attacks Leah. Matt, bothered by a guilty conscience, helps Leah obtain the necessary identification to start her new life. Valerie elects to throw a massive rave as a farewell party before turning herself in to the police.

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

S9 E7
Nov 18, 1998
As Kelly and Valerie pack Brandon's belongings for shipment, Kelly discovers a letter in which Val advised Brandon not to marry her. She turns everyone against Val and gets them to boycott her Thanksgiving gathering. Hoping to help Kelly understand Valerie's behavior, David details her troubled childhood.

I'm Back Because

S9 E8
Dec 2, 1998
David is arrested for statutory rape and gets suspended from his radio show. Dylan bails him out of jail, then learns from Mrs. Teasley that Denise is a troubled girl who receives little attention from her parents.

The Following Options

S9 E9
Dec 9, 1998
After Kelly's grandfather nearly dies of pneumonia, she reluctantly gives the doctors permission to hook him up to a ventilator. Jackie and Kelly realize that the machines are taking away Ed's dignity without improving his condition. They decide to bring him home to spend his remaining time with his family.

How To Be The Jerk Woman Love

S9 E11
Jan 13, 1999
Dylan storms into the Marchette mansion and holds a couple at gunpoint. They tell him that they purchased the house from Marchette's estate; he committed suicide a few weeks after Toni's death. Gina pushes Dylan away when he continues to use heroin.

I'm Married

S9 E14
Feb 3, 1999
Matt flies to New York to visit Lauren, who has spent the past three years in a mental institution. She returns to Los Angeles with Matt, but he is reluctant to introduce her to Kelly.

Survival Skills

S9 E16
Feb 17, 1999
Lauren suffers a reaction to her medication. She learns that she will die if she continues to take her medication; without the pills, her schizophrenia will resurface.

Slipping Away

S9 E17
Mar 3, 1999
Kelly and Dylan agree to go to Mexico and obtain medication for Lauren. Kelly has second thoughts about their mission. She sleeps with Dylan, then decides that she doesn't want to buy the drugs.

Bobbi Dearest

S9 E18
Mar 10, 1999
Gina decides to sue Felice for $1.1 million for the money her mother misspent and "pain and suffering." Donna, torn apart by her family's bickering, runs crying to Noah. She doesn't believe that David has a right to be angry, but later apologizes and claims that he is just lonely.

The Leprechaun

S9 E19
Mar 17, 1999
Noah faces foreclosure after failing to make his mortgage payments on the Peach Pit/After Dark building. He accepts an offer from a restaurant owner willing to pay much higher rent, and decides to terminate Nat's lease.

I Wanna Reach Out And Grab Ya

S9 E21
Apr 14, 1999
Donna deals with her parents decision to separate. Steve and Janet help a child prodigy be a kid, and David helps a washed-up DJ regain his career.

Local Hero

S9 E22
Apr 21, 1999
Kelly and Dylan run into each other at the market and share a cup of coffee. They subdue a man who tries to attack a pregnant woman and her child, and help the woman get to the hospital to have her baby.

Dog's Best Friend

S9 E24
May 5, 1999
David comforts a drunken and depressed Gina outside the After Dark, and she responds with a kiss. David and Dylan spend the weekend in Las Vegas, where Dylan has a one-night stand, but lets the woman believe that he wants to see her again.


S9 E25
May 12, 1999
Kelly receives medical treatment and files a police report. She tells Dylan what has happened, and stays over at his house for several nights. She also confides in Donna, but cannot bring herself to tell Matt.

That's The Guy

S9 E26
May 19, 1999
Kelly tells Matt about the rape. Dylan puts up a $100,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the rapist. Some men try to ambush him and take the money, but Matt helps chase them away.