Season 2

Episode Guide

Beach Blanket Brandon

S2 E1
Jul 11, 1991
Summer is here, and Brandon breaks the news to Nat that he is quitting his job at The Peach Pit, to work at the higher paying Beverly Hills Beach Club, which he hopes will help him save money for a new car. Donna, Brenda, Andrea and David decide to spend the summer in an acting class. Meanwhile, a pregnancy scare convinces Brenda to slow down her relationship with Dylan.

The Party Fish

S2 E2
Jul 18, 1991
Brandon sets his eyes on an older Beach Club worker, whose mysterious secrets make her even more appealing to him. He also meets an influential club member, Jerry Rattinger, who attempts to use Brandon for his own gain, by tempting him with offers of money and cars. Meanwhile, Brenda's adventures in acting lead her to relive part of her childhood.

Summer Storm

S2 E3
Jul 26, 1991
Dylan, injured in a surfing incident, stays with the Walshes during his recovery - until Jim Walsh kicks him out for kissing Brenda!


S2 E4
Aug 2, 1991
After an illegal late-night poker game, Brandon and Dylan clash over a break-in at the beach club.

Play It Again, David

S2 E5
Aug 9, 1991
Kelly is mortified when her mother starts dating David's father and plots to break up the new couple, while Brandon, who is mentoring a local boy, discovers that his "little brother" may be hiding a dark secret.

Camping Trip

S2 E7
Aug 30, 1991
The gang heads up to Yosemite on what turns out to be a totally doomed camping trip.

Ashes To Ashes

S2 E9
Sep 20, 1991
An effort to create a neighborhood security patrol goes horribly awry resulting in race hate and violence.

Necessity Is A Mother

S2 E10
Sep 27, 1991
When Dylan's long-absent mother moves back into his life - not to mention into his home - things come to a head, forcing Dylan to confront his issues not only with his mother, but with himself as well.

Leading From The Heart

S2 E11
Oct 11, 1991
Brandon and Brenda's paraplegic cousin Bobby is visiting Beverly Hills - and Kelly finds him extremely interesting!

Down And Out Of District

S2 E12
Oct 18, 1991
Andrea wins a high-school journalism contest, but her victory is marred by a school district investigation.


S2 E13
Nov 1, 1991
The gang goes to a Halloween party, but things take a turn for the worst when Kelly's seductive costume catches the eye of a college student whose intentions are less than a honorable.


S2 E15
Nov 14, 1991
Emily invites everyone to a secret party at an underground club - where she does something that could end her relationship with Brandon forever.

My Desperate Valentine

S2 E16
Nov 22, 1991
Emily refuses to accept the fact that Brandon no longer wants to see her and spirals out of control - and Brenda's the only one who might be able to talk her down.

Chuckie's Back

S2 E17
Dec 13, 1991
Steve's life is turned upside-down when his childhood nemesis (and his mother's former sitcom co-star) transfers to West Beverly High.

Fire And Ice

S2 E19
Jan 10, 1992
Brandon makes a connection with an aspiring figure skater that could melt ice - but is banned from seeing her by her overprotective coach.

A Competitive Edge

S2 E20
Jan 24, 1992
Andrea launches a campaign to create awareness about AIDS and other STDs at West Beverly and finds herself going up against some powerful opponents.

Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout It

S2 E21
Feb 6, 1992
Kelly's loose lips let slip an explosive secret that almost destroys her mother's relationship with Mel.

And Baby Makes Five

S2 E22
Feb 14, 1992
Dylan's attempts to help a friend through AA put a serious strain on his relationship with Brenda.

The Pit and The Pendulum

S2 E24
Mar 20, 1992
Brandon's father becomes involved in a lucrative real estate deal - until Brandon discovers that if the deal goes through, Nat will loose the Peach Pit.

Meeting Mr. Pony

S2 E25
Apr 3, 1992
A robbery at the Peach Pit leaves Brenda more traumatized than she's willing to admit - especially when she must identify her attacker in a police lineup.

Wedding Bell Blues

S2 E28
May 8, 1992
After being summoned to the Mexican border to verify Brenda's American citizenship, Jim Walsh forbids Dylan to see Brenda.