Season 3

Episode Guide

Misery Loves Company

S3 E1
Jul 16, 1992
Summer vacation begins and Brenda starts lying to her parents to see Dylan. Brandon starts his summer job at the Beach Club.

The Twins, the Trustee and the Very Big Trip

S3 E2
Jul 23, 1992
The Walsh's become upset over Brenda's relationship with Dylan, and Steve gets himself into a jam with twins.

Too Little, Too Late / Paris, 75001

S3 E3
Jul 30, 1992
Brenda and Donna arrive in Paris while Dylan struggles with his father's plan to gain parole from prison.

Sex, Lies and Volleyball / Photo Fini

S3 E4
Aug 6, 1992
While Donna works as a model in Paris, David wonders whether his heart belongs to Donna.

Shooting Star / American in Paris

S3 E5
Aug 13, 1992
Brenda pretends to be French to spend time with an American student in Paris.

Castles in the Sand

S3 E6
Aug 20, 1992
Brenda and Donna return from Paris, and Brenda suspects that Dylan may have been romantically involved with Kelly during the summer.

A Song of Myself

S3 E7
Sep 10, 1992
It's back to school and trouble arises when Brenda, Steve, and Donna sign up to be "senior buddies".

The Back Story

S3 E8
Sep 17, 1992
Brenda tests the bounds of her friendships after being interviewed for a sleazy tabloid TV show.


S3 E9
Sep 24, 1992
David accidentally walks in on Kelly while she's dressing after a shower. Brandon and Brenda grapple with future financial burdens while selecting colleges.

Home and Away

S3 E10
Oct 8, 1992
A shooting at a rival high school raises concerns at West Beverly High.

A Presumption of Innocence

S3 E11
Oct 21, 1992
Sue Scanlon accuses Gil Meyers of sexual misconduct, which leads to his suspension. Andrea offers her support to the misguided teen and finds that there's more to the story than Sue is telling.

Destiny Rides Again

S3 E12
Nov 5, 1992
Dylan and Brenda's relationship become strained, while David encourages Donna to have sex with him

Rebel With A Cause

S3 E13
Nov 12, 1992
After his breakup with Brenda, Dylan begins seeing Kelly again. Cindy Walsh feels jealousy over Jim's attractive new secretary.

Wild Horses

S3 E14
Nov 19, 1992
Steve's computer break-in results in his suspension from West Beverly, while Dylan meets a beautiful and wealthy woman.

The Kindness of Strangers

S3 E15
Nov 26, 1992
The Walshes share Thanksgiving with the homeless man that Brandon had met during the summer.

It's a Totally Happening Life

S3 E16
Dec 17, 1992
The Gang celebrates the Christmas season by giving gifts to a group of underprivileged children.

The Game Is Chicken

S3 E17
Jan 7, 1993
Steve and Brandon become involved in dangerous drag strip racing. Brenda and Kelly go on a blind double date to make Dylan jealous.

Midlife...Now What?

S3 E18
Jan 14, 1993
Secrets are revealed during a girls-only spa retreat, and Brandon begins gambling with a bookie.

Back in the High Life Again

S3 E19
Jan 28, 1993
Dylan's father is released on parole and David feels the fallout from a parent's infidelity.

Parental Guidance Recommended

S3 E20
Feb 4, 1993
Suspicions arise over Jack's handling of Dylan's trust fund. David is offered a deal by a music label, but is pressured to fire Steve as his manager.

Dead End

S3 E21
Feb 11, 1993
Jack and Dylan begin a new life together, living aboard a yacht with Dylan's enormous trust fund at their disposal. On the surface everything seems perfect, but Jack has some dangerous enemies.

The Child is the Father to the Man

S3 E22
Feb 18, 1993
After Dylan accepts an invitation to stay at the Walsh home, he finds that old demons have returned to haunt him

Duke's Bad Boy

S3 E23
Mar 4, 1993
Brandon's gambling spins out of control. Donna feels that David's new record label is running his music.

Perfectly Perfect

S3 E24
Mar 25, 1993
Kelly's obsession with her weight turns dangerous. Brandon and Steve vie for the same girl's attention on a television game show.

Senior Poll

S3 E25
Apr 8, 1993
The results of the Senior Poll are in, leading some to question whether it is exclusionary.

She Came in Through the Bathroom Window

S3 E26
Apr 22, 1993
Senior Ditch-School day proves memorable as thieves prey upon the gang at an amusement park and then Peach Pit

A Night To Remember

S3 E27
Apr 28, 1993
The students of West Beverly are horrified to learn that the school board has pushed through a measure that will bar any student found drunk at the prom from graduation. Unfortunately, Mel Silver serves champagne at a pre-prom gathering, leaving waif-like Donna vulnerable to its effects.

Something in the Air

S3 E28
May 13, 1993
The group rallies around Donna after the school board rules that she cannot participate in graduation ceremonies because of her drunkenness at the prom.

Commencement Part 1 and 2

S3 E29
May 19, 1993
As graduation approaches, the teens of West Beverly make their final decisions about the future while reminiscing about the past. Brandon is sad when Brenda announces her decision to attend the University of Minnesota. Andrea worries that she'll have to turn down Yale. Meanwhile, Mrs. Teasley finds out about Steve's anonymous donation. The second half of the season finale has the gang taking a look back at the last three years of their life, cherishing the past and excited for the future. They spend an evening in the Hollywood Hills, camping under the stars and forever memorializing the class of 1993.