Season 4

Episode Guide

So Long, Auf Wiedersehen

S4 E1
Sep 9, 1993
The gang kicks off college with a huge party. Brenda is uncertain about her decision. Andrea learns hurtful information about Gil.

The Girl From New York City

S4 E2
Sep 16, 1993
Brandon's new girlfriend has intimacy issues and Brenda has trouble at school.

The Little Fish

S4 E3
Sep 23, 1993
Brenda arrives back in Beverly Hills in the middle of the night and Steve's scheming ways almost backfire as the gang decides which classes to take.

Greek To Me

S4 E4
Sep 30, 1993
It is rush week on campus. Now on the staff of the campus radio station, David and Donna man the graveyard shift.

Radio Daze

S4 E5
Oct 7, 1993
Dylan finds Kelly with another guy. Donna is offered a daytime slot at the radio station, which causes problems with David. Andrea plans a date with her English teacher.

Strangers in the Night

S4 E6
Oct 14, 1993
Kelly recommends that she and Dylan see other people. Mr. Walsh sets Brenda up on a blind date with his client's son.

Moving Targets

S4 E7
Oct 21, 1993
Andrea takes initiative in her relationship with Dan. David and Kelly take sides in a fight between their parents.

Twenty Years Ago Today

S4 E8
Oct 28, 1993
Brenda's relationship with Stuart causes a stir at the Walsh's twentieth anniversary party. Brandon catches Dylan off guard with unexpected results.

Otherwise Engaged

S4 E9
Nov 4, 1993
Brenda and Stuart argue about the details of their marriage. Lucinda has unsettling news for Brandon.

And I Did It...My Way

S4 E10
Nov 11, 1993
The gang follows Brenda and Stuart to Las Vegas in hopes of stopping the wedding.

Take Back the Night

S4 E11
Nov 18, 1993
Laura threatens to label Steve as a date rapist at a campus rally. He loses Celeste when he confesses his indiscretion.

Radar Love

S4 E12
Nov 25, 1993
Brandon takes an unexpected road trip and Dylan accepts a Thanksgiving dinner invitation at the Walsh's after declining an invitation from Kelly.


S4 E13
Dec 2, 1993
Brandon encourages Emily to pursue her dreams and Steve is caught stealing.


S4 E14
Dec 16, 1993
Donna and David celebrate their first year together. Dylan and Kelly get back together, while Andrea falls in love with a new boyfriend.

Crunch Time

S4 E16
Jan 6, 1994
Steve has trouble at the fraternity house and David relies on drugs to keep himself awake through finals week.

Thicker Than Water

S4 E17
Jan 13, 1994
Kelly asks David if he is using drugs and Andrea gets surprising news from the doctor's office.


S4 E18
Jan 27, 1994
David has his first session with a psychologist and Andrea realizes her pregnancy will affect her educational plans.

The Labors of Love

S4 E19
Feb 3, 1994
Andrea decides to have an abortion and Nat has surgery.

Scared Very Straight

S4 E20
Feb 10, 1994
Jesse and Andrea set a wedding date and Donna asks David to the Valentine dance.

Addicted to Love

S4 E21
Feb 17, 1994
Brenda and Stuart get stranded in the desert. Kelly helps Brandon avoid suspicion by posing as his girlfriend.

Change Partners

S4 E22
Feb 24, 1994
Brandon and Kelly go on a weekend retreat, while Dylan and Lucinda spend time together. Brenda and Donna take in a stray dog.

A Pig Is a Boy Is a Dog

S4 E23
Mar 3, 1994
Donna is heartbroken when Rocky dies. Brandon and Lucinda break up and Kelly tells Dylan about her moment with Brandon.

Cuffs and Links

S4 E24
Mar 17, 1994
Brenda is arrested for breaking and entering into the college medical lab. Afterwards, her friends avoid her to avoid being seen as accessories.

The Time Has Come Today

S4 E25
Mar 24, 1994
Brenda finds an old diary and spends spring break in a different era, while the rest of the gang goes to Palm Springs.

Blind Spot

S4 E26
Apr 7, 1994
Brandon and Steve have car trouble and the girls organize a fundraiser involving a pin-up calendar.


S4 E27
Apr 21, 1994
Brenda auditions for the leading role in the school play and Brandon receives some unwanted attention.

Acting Out

S4 E28
Apr 28, 1994
Kelly and Brenda fight over the lead role in the school play. Andrea is rushed to the hospital.

Beverly Hills 90210 - Truth Or Consequences

S4 E29
May 5, 1994
Vicious rumors spread when Brenda gets the lead role in the school play. Steve and Brenda prevent a suicide.

Vital Signs

S4 E30
May 5, 1994
Brandon fears he will lose his chance to go to Washington. Kelly and Dylan break up. Andrea goes into labor.

Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington

S4 E31
May 26, 1994
Brandon goes to Washington D.C. and Kelly decides to surprise him by showing up later. Donna worries about David spending time with another girl. Brenda is given the opportunity to go to London.