Season 8

Episode Guide

Two Tickets to Paradise Cantina

S8 E1
May 2, 2021
In his hometown of Las Vegas, Jon rescues a beloved party bar that blames their downfall on the pandemic until Jon discovers the truth.

Not Your Godfather's Speakeasy

S8 E2
May 9, 2021
Jon attempts to save the legendary Las Vegas speakeasy Capo's Restaurant and bring it back to its pre-pandemic glory.

A Twice in a Lifetime Opportunity

S8 E3
May 23, 2021
In his second-ever re-rescue, Jon Taffer returns to Champagne's Cafe to help the struggling bar survive the pandemic and maintain its Las Vegas legacy.

Every Rosé has its Thorn

S8 E4
Jun 6, 2021
After running a successful floral business for two decades, owner Randi thought she could parlay that success into a budding new bar. Unfortunately, she never rose to the occasion.

Viva La Casona

S8 E5
Jun 13, 2021
For his 200th rescue, Jon rescues a family who bought a Mexican restaurant at the height of the pandemic and put their daughter's future on the line to chase the bright lights of Vegas.

Rookie of the Beer

S8 E6
Jun 20, 2021
Jon Taffer must save an ambitious but rookie family-run brewery that was forced to open during the pandemic.

A Bar to Take Pride In

S8 E7
Jun 27, 2021
An historic gay bar in Las Vegas is on the verge of closing after losing all of its entertainment options due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A Commander & His Post

S8 E8
Jul 11, 2021
Jon heads to Pahrump, Nevada to save a VFW hall from permanently closing its doors and to help its commanding officer step away to take care of his ailing wife.

Behind the 8 Ball

S8 E9
Jul 18, 2021
A premiere billiards hall in Las Vegas is at risk of closing after it's owner struggles to recover from the effects of the pandemic...and his inept manager.

Ninja Karaoke's Swan Song

S8 E10
Aug 1, 2021
Jon Taffer tries to help a struggling married couple save their karaoke bar in downtown Las Vegas and get their goals to start a family back on track.

Remembering Billy

S8 E11
Aug 8, 2021
After a series of devastating losses, Jon must help an owner and her staff get back on track from their personal tragedies as well as a global pandemic.

Wreck it Ralph

S8 E12
Aug 15, 2021
Jon attempts to rescue a bar in Maricopa, Arizona whose owner has squandered a half a million dollar investment from his parents.

Penalty on the Bar

S8 E13
Mar 20, 2022
In Dunwoody, Georgia, Jon Taffer tries to help a former hospitality professional regain his passion for the industry and save his flailing bar.

Ace's Wild

S8 E14
Mar 27, 2022
Jon heads to Texas to help a husband and wife rescue their failing bar and learn how to be better partners in business.

Personal Assistant, Professional Failure

S8 E15
Apr 3, 2022
In the heart of Texas, Jon must help an owner figure out how to be a better boss and help her personal assistant step up to lead the bar.

Doing it for Dad

S8 E16
Apr 10, 2022
After losing their father and stepmom, three sisters find themselves unexpectedly owning a bar that they never learned how to run.

Shutting Down the Confetti Party

S8 E17
Apr 17, 2022
Jon helps an owner who battled childhood illness and the loss of his father learn how to run a bar and manage a business.

Quick-Sandtown Rescue

S8 E18
Apr 24, 2022
In the heart of Atlanta, Jon helps an owner seize her second chance in life by saving her struggling bar and managing her staff.

Working to Death

S8 E19
May 8, 2022
Jon heads to Tampa, Florida to help save an owner who has suffered personal loss and health scares while trying to single-handedly keep his struggling bar afloat.

Magically Atrocious

S8 E20
May 15, 2022
In Ybor City, Florida, Jon helps rescue a bar owner who made some questionable choices on the theme, decor, and menu in her bar.

Rescue on the River

S8 E21
May 22, 2022
A riverside bar in Florida is struggling to stay afloat due to a manager with no experience, a staff co-mingling, and a wildly out of line menu for their community.

Till Failure Do You Part

S8 E22
May 29, 2022
In Gibsonton, Florida, Jon must help rescue not only a failing bar but a broken marriage after the Covid pandemic destroyed both their business and their relationship.

Game Over

S8 E23
Jun 12, 2022
Jon heads to Sanford, Florida to revitalize a retro-arcade bar that is falling apart and an owner who has an excuse for everything.

JJ's Sports Bust

S8 E24
Feb 26, 2023
Jon meets a family-owned bar struggling as the result of the owner's on-the-job behavior.

Outta Touch, Outta Time

S8 E25
Mar 5, 2023
Jon encounters an unruly husband of an owner who is on the brink of closing her bar in Arvada, Colorado.

Hideaway From Reality

S8 E26
Mar 12, 2023
Jon faces an owner unwilling to own up to his mistakes and failures and a staff unwilling to speak the truth about him.

The Napoleon Complex

S8 E27
Mar 19, 2023
Jon must teach a former engineer and his staff how to properly run a nightclub before they close down for good.

Pool House Rock

S8 E28
Mar 26, 2023
Jon confronts an owner who moved his family to pursue his lifelong dream of opening a bar, only for his wife to do all the work.

Loveless in Loveland

S8 E29
Apr 2, 2023
Jon attempts to rescue a bar owner in Loveland, Colorado who is on the verge of losing his business and his marriage.

Fresh Bread, Rotten Bar

S8 E30
Apr 9, 2023
Jon helps a struggling owner take a step back so that his apprehensive manager can take a step forward.

3rd Pocket's A Charm

S8 E31
Apr 23, 2023
In Hickory, North Carolina, Jon finds a bar with an absent owner, an untrained staff, and an infestation of pests.

Long Live a Legacy

S8 E32
Apr 30, 2023
Jon heads to Moreno Valley, California to save the legacy of a Pizza and Sports bar after the passing of one of the owners leaves a family in disarray.

Horseshoe Bend It Like Bar Rescue

S8 E33
May 14, 2023
Jon must save a small country bar in rural Idaho from going under while teaching the General Manager how to be a true leader.

Spare Me Another Chance

S8 E34
May 21, 2023
Jon must help a businessman who bought a bar attached to a bowling alley but had never stepped foot in a bar.

Changing of the Guards

S8 E35
May 28, 2023
Jon rescues a VFW on its last legs before the bar's 75th Anniversary.

Put This Fire Out

S8 E36
Jun 4, 2023
Jon tries to save a firehouse-themed bar outside of Boise, Idaho and confronts an owner with excuses for everything.

How The Cookie Crumbles

S8 E37
Jun 11, 2023
Jon must save a former travel agent turned bar owner and her family business before it crashes and burns.