Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

The Great Archipelago

S1 E1
Mar 07, 2021
Southeast of mainland Greece, a ring of over 200 islands dot the Aegean Sea: the Cyclades, which translates to "circular islands." According to Greek myth, they were made by the vengeful sea god Poseidon, but to residents and tourists, this large archipelago brings wonder and astonishing views. Soar above landscapes carved by human civilization and by elemental forces above and beneath the Earth. Then discover what makes each island unique as we explore their mythic and historic pasts and the remarkable people who live and work here today.

The South

S1 E2
Mar 14, 2021
The story of Western civilization began in Greece and it was in the South where the first chapter of that story was written. This soaring tour explores lands of ancient warriors, tumultuous battles, and diverse cultures, from the Peloponnese, home of the first Olympic Games, to Athens, where art and politics intertwine, to Cephalonia, an idyllic island with a dark past. In southern Greece, the glories of the past are mirrored in the wonders of the present, and we capture it all from spectacular heights.

Crete & The Eastern Islands

S1 E3
Mar 21, 2021
At the southern and eastern fringes of the Aegean Sea lie some of Greece's largest islands, places of mesmerizing beauty and priceless heritage. From Crete, the home of ancient palaces and the sinister legend of the Minotaur to the Dodecanese, home of the most diverse and cosmopolitan places in all of Greece, to Samos and Chios, which guard the approaches to Turkey's western coast, we explore the distinct cultures and unique stories of these islands from spectacular heights, and meet the people who work and live here.

The North

S1 E4
Mar 28, 2021
Northern Greece is a land of mystery, replete with enchanting villages, hidden valleys, and mountaintop lakes where dragons roam. It's the region where Julius Caesar's assassin sought refuge and the god Zeus hurled thunderbolts. Join us on a soaring journey over the unrivaled natural beauty and pulsating culture of northern Greece and meet its fascinating people, from a winemaker who rescued a long-forgotten Greek wine to farmers who have mastered the treacherous roads of the Pindus Mountains to an aerial performer who literally dances on air.