Season 8

Episode Guide

Porno For Pyros

S8 E1
Sep 18, 1996
Joe and Helen have to explain how they torched Brian's house. An insurance investigator is suspicious of the whole scenario.

Like A Neighbor Scorned

S8 E2
Sep 25, 1996
Joe and Helen learn to deal with their "overly neighborly" neighbors.

Single And Hating It

S8 E4
Oct 09, 1996
Joe and Helen find themselves celebrating their first year anniversary at a "Singles Mingle."

Too Beautiful For Your

S8 E5
Oct 23, 1996
The suicide hotline proves to be good for Antonio. Helen competes with a gourmet food cart.

The Gift Of Life

S8 E6
Oct 30, 1996
When a passenger leaves a cooler containing "The Gift of Life" in the terminal, the gang feels responsible to return it.

Wingless (Part 1)

S8 E8
Nov 13, 1996
When Sandpiper's plane is repossessed, Joe and Brian must sell the airline.

Wingless (Part 2)

S8 E9
Nov 20, 1996
Sandpiper Air begins to fly for a country music tour. When the tour falls apart, the new owner disappears.

All About Christmas Eve

S8 E11
Dec 18, 1996
This year, Christmas Eve is spent in a cab with a nun, in a department store basement hiding from carolers.

Let's Talk About Sex

S8 E12
Jan 08, 1997
Joe and Helen's sex life gets wrapped into Roy's relationship with a TV talk show host.


S8 E13
Jan 14, 1997
Joe buys a new state of the art vacuum cleaner only to learn that it's life time guarantee doesn't hold.

Just Call Me Angel

S8 E14
Feb 05, 1997
Brian saves the day when he lands a plane.

Ms. Write

S8 E18
Mar 16, 1997
Brian is heartbroken when he learns his dream girl is twelve years old. Antonio is put in charge of Joe and Helen's safety.


S8 E19
Apr 02, 1997
Joe and Brian hire a gorgeous temp; Antonio is fired from his job.

Heartache Tonight

S8 E20
Apr 16, 1997
Helen isn't allowed to marry Roy.

Oedipus Wrecks

S8 E21
May 07, 1997
Joe tries to overcome his fear of the circus. Brian and Casey are dating a mother and son.

Raging Bull*&@!

S8 E22
May 14, 1997
Joe and Brian enter a boxing match.

Final Approach (Part 1)

S8 E23
May 21, 1997
Joe and Brian find riches at the same time Helen learns she can't play the cello.

Final Approach (Part 2)

S8 E24
May 21, 1997
Joe and Helen go to Vienna so Helen can fulfill her dream as a cellist. Brian and Casey take over Joe and Helen's jobs. Antonio goes to jail.