• Noah's Arc Season 1

    S1 E8: I'm With Stupid

    22M DEC 07, 2005 TV-MA

    S1 E8: Wade temporarily moves in with Noah, Chance hopes to get married in his childhood church, Ricky fears getting too close to Junito, and Alex and Trey's relationship remains rocky.

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Noah's Arc
This drama series follows the lives and relationships of four gay men in Los Angeles. Noah is a struggling screenwriter who has started a relationship with Wade, who recently came out. Despite his friends' warnings about being romantically involved with Wade, Noah intends to make it work, regardless of what it takes. His friends include HIV educator Alex, who acts as the parental figure for the group and is in a long-term romantic union; promiscuous clothing store owner Ricky, who shuns traditional dating; and college professor Chance, who is beginning a domestic life with boyfriend Eddie and stepdaughter Kenya.
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Noah's Arc