• Life Unexpected Season 1

    S1 E7: Crisis Unaverted

    42M MAR 01, 2010 TV-14

    S1 E7: Baze competes against Ryan in a contest; Cate considers telling Ryan the truth about Baze.

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Life Unexpected
After 15 years of being with different families in Oregon's foster-care system, Lux decides to try her luck as an emancipated minor. As she navigates the legal system in pursuit of that goal, she encounters her birth father, bar owner Nate "Baze" Bazile, living like an aging frat boy with two slacker roommates. He is stunned to learn that he has a teenage daughter and introduces Lux to her mother, radio personality Cate Cassidy, who is sad to learn her daughter has grown up in foster care but thrilled to meet and get to know the girl. She has plenty of opportunity to get acquainted when the judge decides Lux isn't ready to be emancipated and grants temporary custody to her birth parents.
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Life Unexpected