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12 Things We Learned from the Under the Dome Panel: Producers and Cast Tease the Season

Posted on Jul 24, 2014 | 06:05pm
Under the Dome kicked off Comic-Con day one with their panel in Ballroom 20. Dome stars Dean Norris, Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Alex Koch, Eddie Cahill, and Colin Ford joined Executive Producer Neal Baer on the stage in front of a packed house. Find out the top 12 teasers and tidbits we learned from the panel.

1. "No One is Safe" Under the Dome.
2. Even if you die, there's nothing saying you can't come back.

3. Someone is getting out of the Dome!

4. The locker mystery is not going to stay a mystery this season.

5. Digital story integrations you weren't expecting.

6. We'll find out about where Barbie comes from. Did someone say 'trust-fund baby?"

7. This gig was a really big deal to Alex Koch.

8. Working with Stephen King is as awesome as we thought.

9. There are no shortages of stories to tell.

10. Ruh Roh! More misfortune for Junior? Yes.

11. The cast has very differing opinions on who they would want with them under the dome, some sentimental... others not so much. "I'm taking Britney Spears," claimes Dean Norris. To which Rachelle replied, "I was going to take my dog, but if he’s taking Britney, I’m taking Clive Owen."

12. What's at the core of this series?