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Friday the 13th: Under The Dome's 13 Creepiest Moments

Posted on Sep 13, 2013 | 10:00am

Happy Friday the 13th! In honor of the holiday, we're celebrating the 13 creepiest moments from Under The Dome. Check out our list and be prepared to be creeped out!

1. Barbie hides Peter Shumway.


2.  The cow gets split in half.

3. Big Jim finds Angie.

4. Joe's seizure contains a hidden message.


5. Junior thwarts Angie's escape attempt.

6. Big Jim kills the reverend.


7. Dodee is shocked and thrown by the Mini-Dome.

8. A coffin reveals a drug lab.

9. Junior's mom's painting predicts the pink stars.

10. The pink stars appear.

11. Big Jim leaves Max's mom to drown.

12. The Dome shows a bleeding Big Jim and leaves them with knives.


13. Exclusive preview of the creepiest moment from the season finale: the gallows.


Which moment was the creepiest to you?