Season 2

Episode Guide

Religious Killing or Jealous Rage?

S2 E1
Jul 13, 2021
When the bodies of two unidentified women were found in a remote area near Galveston, TX, police had very few leads. Investigators, later, learned that the women, Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson, were in a relationship.

Cliffside Accident or Campsite Killing?

S2 E2
Jul 14, 2021
Lauren and a group of friends had been camping on a cliff during a raucous festival weekend when she went missing. She was, later, found dead by two fisherman in a nearby cove.

Drive By or Deadly Target?

S2 E3
Jul 15, 2021
The fatal shooting of high school athlete Jaydon Chavez-Silver at a house party in Albuquerque,NM reveals a disturbing trend of violence in the community. Was this a targeted killing or arandom act of violence?

Runaway Twin or Twin In Trouble?

S2 E4
Jul 20, 2021
16-year identical twin, Jholie Moussa, walked out the front door of her house, told her sister she would be right back and then vanished. Could her last ominous social media post be a clue to her disappearance?

Cold Case or Case of Corruption?

S2 E5
Jul 27, 2021
The murder case of single mother, Heather Bogle, goes cold after law enforcement focuses on a suspect with no tangible connections to the crime.

Did a Viral Assault Lead to a Murder?

S2 E6
Aug 3, 2021
Social media lit ablaze when the brutal, public beating of transgender woman, Muhlaysia Booker, went viral. Though she spoke out against the senseless violence and went into hiding toprotect herself from further harm she was found murdered.

Ohio House of Horrors

S2 E7
Aug 10, 2021
A rash of missing women cases go unsolved in Ohio until a bone chilling 911 call revealed ahouse of horrors. What happened to these missing women? Could their cases be connected? Was there a serial killer on the loose?

Doublecross or Deadly Deal?

S2 E8
Aug 17, 2021
Investigators faced the unthinkable when the headless and handless body of a young Black man was discovered in the backwoods of Michigan. Who was he and why would anyone do something so horrific?

Getting Away With Murder?

S2 E9
Aug 24, 2021
When transgender teen, Mercedes Williamson, is found murdered in a small Southern town, the FBI steps in to track down her killer. Was Mercedes targeted for being different? Or was her older roommate involved?

Justice for Darrien

S2 E10
Aug 31, 2021
Police in Saratoga Springs, UT received a call about a mysterious, dangerous man walking around wielding a sword. Law enforcement claimed Darrien was a threat, but witnesses, family, and an independent investigation revealed otherwise.