Season 2

Episode Guide

True Concert

S2 E1
Nov 13, 2009
True gets Justin Bieber to headline a fundraiser to save the school's design department, but it's three dorky school band members (Care Bears on Fire) that save the day when Justin gets injured right before the big event.

True Parade

S2 E2
Dec 11, 2009
True designs a red velvet jacket for Burt Burlington to wear in the Macy's parade, but ends up featured in the parade herself when she tries to retrieve it.

True Drama

S2 E3
Jan 08, 2010
True makes a deal with the devil when she agrees to plot revenge with Pinky Turzo (Jennette McCurdy), after diva Kelsey fires them both from designing costumes for Ryan's school play.

The New Kid

S2 E4
Jan 14, 2010
True works up the nerve to ask out her new crush at school, unaware that he has a huge secret that prevents him from getting close to her.

My Boss Ate my Homework

S2 E5
Jan 15, 2010
Mr. Madigan winds up in detention with two of the school's biggest bullies after accidentally eating True's flash drive.

Little Shakespere

S2 E6
Jan 21, 2010
While True and her rap star boyfriend get closer before he must leave for his upcoming tour, a surprise secret admirer vies for her attention.

Little Buddies

S2 E7
Jan 29, 2010
True, Lulu and Ryan are each assigned incoming freshman to mentor for a day.

True Valentine

S2 E8
Feb 05, 2010
True decides to ask Jimmy to her school's Valentine's dance, but only as "friends" to spare her feelings if he says no.

True Date

S2 E9
Feb 19, 2010
Jimmy and True attempt to go on a date, with disastrous results.

The Hunky Librarian

S2 E10
Mar 12, 2010
True is dragged into Max and Doris' relationship drama when she and Lulu let slip that Doris' new assistant librarian is a hunk.

Saving Snackleberry

S2 E11
Mar 19, 2010
True and Lulu accidentally set Mr. Madigan's stuffy dinner party at Snackleberry Junction, Bingo the Clown's (Tom Kenny) hobo-themed restaurant that Ryan loves.

Up All Night

S2 E12
Apr 02, 2010
Amanda crashes True's slumber party, where their ultra-competitive sides turn a night of game-playing and secret-sharing into a battle of wills.

The Gift

S2 E13
Apr 16, 2010
True and Lulu arrange a surprise office visit from Mr. Madigan's Uncle Cheswick as a birthday gift, unaware that Uncle Cheswick is a horse.

True Royal

S2 E14
Apr 30, 2010
True designs a tuxedo for the son of a royal (Nathan Kress), and takes him on an adventure through New York, inadvertently creating an international incident.

True Fear

S2 E15
May 07, 2010
When asked to give a speech to a large group of Max's designer colleagues True is forced to conquer her fear of public speaking. Meanwhile, Ryan and Lulu are convinced Mad Style's new male model from Transylvania is a vampire.

The Reject Room

S2 E16
May 14, 2010
True is stunned to find some of her designs in Mad Style's Reject Room of bad ideas, and takes out her anger on Max. True, Lulu, and Ryan help Amanda get revenge on an artist ex-boyfriend by inadvertently destroying his exhibit.

True Goes to Paris

S2 E17
May 21, 2010
After accidentally placing Mrs. Madigan's wedding ring in a dress pocket and sending the dress to Paris, True and Lulu use planes, trains, and automobiles to get to the ring before Max finds out. Along the way, they befriend a young girl who is also trying to Paris on her own.


S2 E18
Jun 25, 2010
After Ryan breaks the air conditioner on the hottest day of the year, True and her friends discover Mad Style's arctic room.

True Magic

S2 E19
Aug 06, 2010
Hank retires and his replacement is a cute girl, prompting jealousy from True. Meanwhile, Ryan is a finalist to get into the Junior Magicians Club.

True Luck

S2 E20
Sep 10, 2010
True's unluckiest Uncle comes to work for Mad Style and his bad luck starts to rub off on True as she readies Mad Style's newest fragrance.

The Fifth of Prankuary

S2 E21
Sep 24, 2010
Mr. Madigan tells everyone about an annual pranking holiday and challenges all to outdo him. The next day, Miss Park is out sick and "Mr. Maffigan" fills in.

Mad Rocks

S2 E22
Oct 01, 2010
Lulu asks True for more responsibility, but True has trouble giving it to her. Ultimately, Lulu saves the day with a huge, rocking fashion show in the Mad Style reception area.

True Secret

S2 E23
Oct 08, 2010
True and Jimmy attempt to keep their relationship a secret from Mr. Madigan, set against a morale-boosting carnival in the office.

Class Election

S2 E24
Oct 15, 2010
True and Shelley take on the school's jerk incumbent for class president and VP, but Mikey J. and Lulu join the race against them.

True Drive

S2 E25
Nov 05, 2010
Its Jimmy birthday and True is planning a big surprise party for him, however the day spins out of control when she not only gets assigned a big work project but also has to take her drivers test.

True Disaster

S2 E26
Nov 12, 2010
True and Lulu try to sneak out of the office to get B.o.B tickets, while doing that they must be absolutely quiet not to disturb Amanda who has a serious migraine. True then agrees to let her Uncle Troy's girl soccer team have a birthday party at Mad Style. Meanwhile, Ryan, Jimmy and Max spend the day at a comic book store in New Jersey.

True Fame

S2 E27
Feb 04, 2011
After a newspaper article is written about True, she gets a glimpse of what its feels like to be famous when actor Leon Thomas invites her to an awards show.

Field Trip

S2 E28
Feb 11, 2011
The kids go to Colonial Town for their school field trip and True learns about Lovers Tower, the town's clock tower, where it's said that when two lovers kiss at the stroke of one they will be together for eternity.

Principal for a Day

S2 E29
Feb 25, 2011
During a science experiment gone wrong Ryan accidently injures Principal Ruckman and becomes the temporary Principal. Quickly Ryan's new position goes to his head and he becomes a power crazed Principal.

True Mall

S2 E30
Mar 04, 2011
True and Lulu help open a Mad Style store at the mall, where they meet a number of interesting characters.

Ditch Day

S2 E31
Mar 18, 2011
True is slammed with work and in order to liven things up Mr. Madigan takes True and Lulu to fulfill his annual ritual of granting a stranger's wish when they throw a coin into the mall's fountain.

Mystery in Peru

S2 E32
Aug 19, 2011
When Mr. Madigan decides to retire, he leaves the company to True.