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Season 2022

Episode Guide

The Uplift: Spreading holiday cheer

S2022 E43
Dec 01, 2022
A Pennsylvania woman finds a unique way to spread holiday cheer to seniors. A dad helps his son with cerebral palsy complete one of the most challenging endurance races in the world. Plus, our heartwarming videos you just need to see.

The Uplift: A teen and his turkeys

S2022 E42
Nov 25, 2022
A man who found solace in sunsets while caring for his ill wife finds a way to bring that peace to others. A teen collects turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving to give to veterans. A mom reunites with the man who saved her life after she was diagnosed with a tumor.

The Uplift: Fortune Feimster

S2022 E41
Nov 18, 2022
Comedian Fortune Feimster talks about finding yourself and your comedy. A TikToker combines two very different niches – graveyards and baking. A woman spreads joy in a simple way – holding signs on the side of the road. Plus, our viral videos you just need to see.

The Uplift: Russell Crowe to the rescue

S2022 E40
Nov 11, 2022
A couple who owns a small bookshop in the U.K. says Russell Crowe surprised them with a donation – and they're putting their crowdfunding to good use. A man in Florida springs into action to save a woman stuck in a canal. Plus, our heartwarming videos you just need to see.

The Uplift: Celebrity smiles

S2022 E39
Nov 04, 2022
Jack Black meets a young fan who is terminally ill and makes his day by singing a song from his favorite movie. Shaquille O'Neal turns down a boy's handshake for something better. Plus, we celebrate the life of actor Leslie Jordan.

The Uplift: Harry Potter and "Hairy" Potter

S2022 E38
Oct 28, 2022
"Harry Potter" star Tom Felton opens up about life after the iconic film series, and the lessons he's learned. High school sweethearts get married in the hospital amid a cancer battle. And a dog goes viral for his Halloween costumes, including the his own "Hairy" Potter outfit.

The Uplift: Road trips and homecomings

S2022 E37
Oct 21, 2022
A grandmother and her grandson set out on a quest to visit all 93 U.S. national parks – and find joy on the road. A toddler who spent the first 1,000 days of his life in the hospital reaches a milestone. A man wades in floodwaters to save his mother after Hurricane Ian. Plus, our heartwarming videos you just need to see.

The Uplift: A skateboarding return

S2022 E36
Oct 14, 2022
A man who lost his vision to disease re-learns how to skateboard and goes professional. Betty Reid Soskin, who was the oldest park ranger in the U.S., celebrates her 101st birthday. A teen with autism receives a big surprise that has to do with her favorite Broadway show, "Wicked." Plus, our viral videos you just need to see.

The Uplift: A flute for Lizzo

S2022 E35
Oct 07, 2022
Lizzo makes history by playing a 200-year-old crystal flute that was once owned by James Madison. A couple saves a man in a wheelchair, stuck on train tracks, and they all receive a huge surprise. A TikTok star surprises a 97-year-old veteran with a trip to Disneyland.

The Uplift: A terrible sandwich and more

S2022 E34
Sep 29, 2022
A boy who went viral for his "terrible sandwich" review on the first day of kindergarten is using his newfound internet fame for good. A mom is taking her family around the world to make "visual memories" before her kids lose their vision to a disease. And a cowboy from California shares how he and Queen Elizabeth II formed a friendship. Watch this episode of "The Uplift."

The Uplift: Royals and roller coasters

S2022 E33
Sep 22, 2022
A 78-year-old in the U.K. honors Queen Elizabeth II by dedicating her house to royal family memorabilia. Children's book author Mo Willems discusses his new book "The Pigeon Will Ride the Roller Coaster!" And NASA's first Black astronaut candidate, Ed Dwight, continues to make an impact.

The Uplift: "Be kind" benches and making the major leagues

S2022 E32
Sep 15, 2022
Meet a man who is building benches for bus stops after seeing a woman waiting in the dirt. Watch an emotional, but proud moment between a sports mom and son, and see how robots are helping patients with dementia at a nursing home.

The Uplift: A surfing dog and racing turtles

S2022 E31
Sep 01, 2022
A surfing dog named Rippin Rosie wows on the waves of Southern California. A small town in Minnesota celebrates a unique sport – turtle racing. A veteran who battled PTSD rebuilds his life and creates a castle by hand. Plus, the viral videos you just need to see.

The Uplift: Coffee shops and a special chapel

S2022 E31
Aug 25, 2022
Meet a man who leaves journals behind in coffee shops – and the powerful reason behind it. Go to another unique coffee shop created by a man with autism. And visit a special chapel that has hosted thousands of weddings – inside a mall.

The Uplift: Special finds and a solo flight

S2022 E29
Aug 18, 2022
A librarian in Oakland creates a collection of items left behind in books. A teen takes a solo flight around the world, hoping to set a record. Plus, our most heartwarming, viral videos.

The Uplift: A "Star Trek" trailblazer and more

S2022 E28
Aug 11, 2022
"Star Trek" actress Sonequa Martin-Green pays tribute to trailblazing actress Nichelle Nichols and how she helped women and people of color in STEM. Runner Markelle Taylor shares how running changed his life – and how he qualified for a marathon in prison. Plus, our top viral videos.

The Uplift: Elephants, dogs, robot spiders

S2022 E27
Aug 04, 2022
Visit an elephant sanctuary in Thailand helping gentle giants in need. Meet Hudson Rowan, the 14-year-old artist behind an unconventional "I voted" sticker design that will be used on Election Day. Learn about how a comfort dog is helping the people who usually help others.

The Uplift: Space images, surprise tribute

S2022 E26
Jul 21, 2022
Northern Californians get a chance to see images of space, captured by the James Webb Telescope, up close. An 8-year-old who lost her mom then got just one RSVP to her birthday part gets a surprise celebration. A 102-year-old WWII veteran gets long-overdue recognition and a surprise phone call.

The Uplift: Jane Goodall and the joy of giving hugs

S2022 E25
Jul 14, 2022
World renowned scientist and conservationist Jane Goodall receives a unique tribute. A mom gives out free hugs to make people feel loved. Two sisters meet for the first time – how did they find each other? All of that, plus our top viral videos.

The Uplift: A tractor trip and TikTok surprise

S2022 E24
Jul 07, 2022
A 76-year-old takes an 1,800-mile road trip on his tractor – for a good reason. A TikTok star uses his platform for kind gestures and surprises. A horse farm in New York City helps veterans and people with disabilities. Plus, our most viral, heartwarming videos of the week.

The Uplift: A trip to space and a thrift shop surprise

S2022 E23
Jun 30, 2022
A 26-year-old makes history with a trip to space on a Blue Origin rocket. A woman buys a sculpture at a thrift store in Texas for $34.99 and learns it is an ancient Roman bust with a rich history. A teen spends his free time teaching seniors karate. Plus, our most viral good news videos of the week, on this episode of "The Uplift."

The Uplift: A veteran graduate and a grand gesture

S2022 E22
Jun 23, 2022
A 77-year-old veteran graduates college as a drama major and fulfills a dream by writing a play. A Harvard grad honors her mom and all the sacrifices she made to help her. A rescue dog because a rescuer for a fire department. Plus, our most heartwarming videos of the week.

The Uplift: A super mom, a power couple and a hero dog

S2022 E21
Jun 16, 2022
A mother of nine adds a 10th accomplishment to her list: becoming a doctor. A couple with Down syndrome shares how they are breaking barriers in their respective industries. A shelter dog becomes a K9 trooper and makes a serendipitous rescue fit for a movie.

The Uplift: Milestone birthday reflection and Milwaukee Bucks ring

S2022 E20
Jun 09, 2022
A 105-year-old reflects on her long life. A man with Down syndrome earns himself a NBA championship ring for his job with the Milwaukee Bucks. Both Rob Gronkowski and LeBron James make surprise visits to schools. Plus, our most viral videos of the week.

The Uplift: A nun, a Navy mom, a new grad

S2022 E19
Jun 02, 2022
Meet the nun who became a trailblazer for girls' sports; the Navy mom and her son who got the the car they dreamed of – and much more; and the 84-year-old graduate who fulfilled a bucket list item to get her college degree. All of that, plus our most heartwarming viral videos of the week, on "The Uplift."

The Uplift: "CODA" stars and concert kid

S2022 E18
May 26, 2022
A pediatric nurse uses the power of music to help his young patients. The stars of "CODA" talk about the inspiring impact of the Academy Award-winning film. A teen gets a chance to play on stage with Pearl Jam. All that, plus our most heartwarming videos of the week.

The Uplift: A mysterious dog and a mother's love

S2022 E17
May 19, 2022
A Tennessee couple wakes up to a mysterious dog in their bed and solve the mystery of how she got there. Dozens of strangers attend the funeral of a WWII veteran. An 85-year-old woman, who says she's cared for 700 foster kids over the years, is honored. Plus, our most heartwarming videos of the week.

The Uplift: A "happy flower lady" and a second chance at life

S2022 E16
May 12, 2022
A Philadelphia grandmother collects unused flowers – and puts them to good use. A dog stolen 11 years ago makes a "miracle" return to its family. An actress gives her vocal coach good news they've been dreaming of since she was a kid. A woman gets a second chance at life and uses it to help others.

The Uplift: A surprise trip and successful teen

S2022 E15
May 05, 2022
A 14-year-old with his own company is surprised with a well-deserved trip. A high school senior receives 104 college acceptance letters – and there's a powerful reason he received so many. A dog with three legs rescues another animal. A Deaf Amazon employee breaks barriers and rises through the ranks.

The Uplift: A celebrity's surprise and an athlete's donation

S2022 E14
Apr 28, 2022
Jennifer Garner gets a nostalgic surprise from another star for her 50th birthday. NBA player Bismack Biyombo gives up his entire salary – for a good reason. A beloved therapy dog receives a huge Boston Marathon honor. And an 8-year-old who battled cancer gets to become a National Geographic explorer — all on this week's episode of "The Uplift."

The Uplift: Sunflowers, superheroes & more

S2022 E13
Apr 21, 2022
A man is inspired by his late mother to spread joy by becoming a superhero. A school custodian is overcome with emotion when she walks into work. Two Harvard freshmen help Ukrainians find safe places to stay. Plus, the meaning behind the sunflower billboards popping up across the U.S., on this week's episode of "The Uplift."

The Uplift: A podcasting priest and a little Prince

S2022 E12
Apr 14, 2022
A priest who brought peace to hundreds of millions of people – with a podcast. A local news station goes on a hunt to solve a mystery – who is this little Prince? The unique, empowering guests on the Grammys red carpet. And our most viral, heartwarming videos of the week.

The Uplift: Cycling without age and singing for joy

S2022 E11
Apr 07, 2022
A program that helps seniors feel the wind on their faces and joy in their hearts. John Travolta's Oscar night decision that helps honor Betty White. A 91-year-old mom with Alzheimer's uses singing to spread joy. Plus, more inspiring stories.

The Uplift: A sanctuary and a serendipitous connection

S2022 E10
Mar 31, 2022
A former executive finds peace – with donkeys. A mom helps thousands of strangers find joy through art. Two boys reconnect with their parents after leaving Ukraine, thanks to a kind stranger. Plus, our most heartwarming videos of the week.

The Uplift: A bounty of books and a birthday surprise

S2022 E9
Mar 24, 2022
A boy wishes for friends, and his dad helps get him more than 50,000 for his birthday. Inside the "most Instagrammed bookstore." And inspiring stories of courage and support out of Ukraine. This is The Uplift.

The Uplift: A show of support and a show reborn

S2022 E8
Mar 17, 2022
A dad climbing the tallest mountain in the world for his son. A mini boat launched by New Hampshire kids and found by a fellow middle schooler – all the way in Norway. And a reboot of the iconic "Reading Rainbow." Plus, our most viral videos of the week. This is the Uplift.

The Uplift: A special dress, a surfer and a shout

S2022 E7
Mar 10, 2022
A New Jersey boy goes surfing every day – no matter the weather – for a good reason. A bride wore a special tactile wedding dress for her groom, who is blind. And the unique way moms are letting out their pent-up frustrations. Plus, in honor of Women's History Month, we shine a light on a woman bonding with her community.

The Uplift: Grandpa grad and a date for the dance

S2022 E6
Mar 03, 2022
A grandfather in his 80s receives his college diploma – alongside his granddaughter. An engagement ring lost in the snow, but miraculously returned. An 11-year-old finds a special stand-in date for the father-daughter dance. This is the Uplift.

The Uplift: A prized mullet and a proposal

S2022 E5
Feb 24, 2022
Two widowed volunteers find unexpected love in their 70s. A weather anchor gets an on-air proposal. A boy's prize-winning mullet helps foster kids. An 86-year-old grandfather's dream comes true thanks to strangers. This is "The Uplift."

The Uplift: Cookie baker and history maker

S2022 E4
Feb 17, 2022
A young entrepreneur starts a successful cookie company – and also helps others with disabilities start their careers. An explosive digital show that asks kids what's on their minds. A Broadway star inspired by a stranger to give out free tickets to his show. All that, plus the most heartwarming videos of the week.

The Uplift: A motel and a meaningful mentorship

S2022 E3
Feb 10, 2022
A New Jersey motel opens its doors to people in need. A pilot has a full-circle moment when he helps rescue refugees. A scam call that turns into mentorship. All of that, plus our most heartwarming videos of the week, on "The Uplift."

The Uplift: Hope walks and works of art

S2022 E2
Feb 03, 2022
Meet a Bronx dad on a mission to feed the homeless, an ultra-marathoner who set a world record and a police officer with a special talent. Plus, our most uplifting videos of the week.

The Uplift: A wish for others and a walk down the aisle

S2022 E1
Jan 27, 2022
A 13-year-old boy who got one wish and used it to help others. A bride who surprised her groom and guests with a special walk down the aisle. And a father-daughter duo taking RV trips to bond – and help others. All that, plus our most heartwarming videos of the week.