• The New Archies

    S1 E1 Ballot Box Blues // The Visitor

    Betty and Veronica run for class president, with Archie and Reggie, respectively, their campaign managers. The race is nothing but trouble as Betty and Veronica attempt to buy votes and end up in a spray-painted, sooty, sandy mess. They withdraw from the race, preferring to be best friends instead of opponents. With no candidates no one votes, except Jughead who votes for himself. // Eugene's science project goes hay-wire and shoots down a U.F.O. Archie takes care of the alien, dude while Jughead repairs the U.F.O. Dude gets a crush on Betty, shows his stuff on the basketball court, and almost gets captured by Reggie and Veronica; but Jughead fires up the U.F.O with feltzig that's alien-talk for hamburger and Dude is back in space on his way home.

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The New Archies
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An updated version of the animated version of the classic comic book series. This cartoon series follows the gags, mishaps and adventures of Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, Moose and the rest of the Riverdale High gang.
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The New Archies