Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Sep 21, 2001
Corporate Attorney, Nick Fallen has just been assigned to work community service hours in Children's Legal Services.


S1 E2
Oct 02, 2001
Nick decides to take legal action on an incident that is personal to him.


S1 E3
Oct 09, 2001
Nick works to help a prostitute and her 11-year-old handicapped son attempt to collect child support from his biological father.


S1 E4
Oct 16, 2001
Nick is asked to represent a 15 year-old girl who accuses her cop father of raping her.

The Men From The Boys

S1 E5
Oct 23, 2001
Fallin and Associates take on a sexual harassment case while Nick works to get a homeless gay teen off the streets.

Indian Summer

S1 E6
Oct 30, 2001
Nick is duped in a sexual encounter with a mature looking seventeen year old girl, who he ends up having to represent in an adoption case.

Feeding Frenzy

S1 E7
Nov 06, 2001
Burton Fallin is forced to defend his company when associate Jake Straka, hits and kills a fellow lawyer, while driving his car delivering some files for the law firm.


S1 E8
Nov 20, 2001
Nick becomes emotionally attached to a terminally ill 12 year old girl, who cannot get the heart transplant she needs to live, until she is legally adopted.

The Funnies

S1 E9
Nov 27, 2001
Alvin asks Nick to represent Barbara's son, when the teenager is arrested and busted for drug possession.


S1 E10
Dec 11, 2001
One of Burton's partners leaves the firm and immediately commences trying to lure away the best and brightest a Fallin & Associates, including Nick.


S1 E11
Dec 18, 2001
Alvin goes up against Burton Fallin in court, when he agrees to defend his ex wife (Polly Draper) in a wrongful termination case.


S1 E12
Jan 08, 2002
Nick begins work at Kirk & McGee and his first responsibility is to oversee a deal which involves a father essentially giving his son his $40 million company.


S1 E13
Jan 22, 2002
Burton and Nick represent a family's interest when their daughter is killed in a scuba diving accident.


S1 E14
Feb 05, 2002
Nick's aunt and cousin come back into Nick and Burton's lives in order to have Burton broker a deal to sell the aunt's company.

In Loco Parentis

S1 E15
Feb 26, 2002
Nick represents a drug addicted mother as she attempts to regain custody of her children.


S1 E16
Mar 05, 2002
Burton and Nick have been having a difficult time trying to resolve a labor dispute at a local factory, as the union leaders refuse to recommend the new, and seemingly fair, contract.

The Divide

S1 E17
Mar 12, 2002
Nick attempts to help two young brothers stay together in foster care when a prospective adoptive parent only wants to take one of the boys.

Mothers of the Disappeared

S1 E18
Mar 26, 2002
Nick begins the legal process of declaring a woman's missing daughter dead, to enable the mother to have access to the daughter's trust fund.

Lawyers, Guns and Money

S1 E19
Apr 09, 2002
In exchange for covering up of some technical violations of his probation, Nick agrees to help his probation officer purchase a strip club with his girlfriend.


S1 E20
May 07, 2002
Nick and Lulu discover that two homeless teenagers have been living in Lulu's newly purchased home when they hear the screams of the young girl giving birth.

The Chinese Wall

S1 E21
May 14, 2002
Nick represents the biggest developer in the city who wants to buy a controversial piece of land for development.

The Beginning

S1 E22
May 21, 2002
Burton shocks the firm, and his son Nick when after being appointed a Federal judge, he announces that former Senator Caldwell will assume leadership of the firm.