Season 7

Episode Guide


S7 E1
Jul 09, 2009
For every fairy, there's an anti-fairy - thus anti-Poof is born - FOOP! It's up to Poof to stop this anti-fairy from destroying Fairy World and his loved ones.

Add-A-Dad/Squirrely Puffs

S7 E2
Oct 03, 2009
Dad is too busy to spend quality time with Timmy, so he wishes up "a-lot-a-dads" to hang out with. Too many dads quickly add up to too many headaches. It's a race between the Squirrely Scouts and the Cream Puffs to the top of Mount Doom! Will Timmy's team survive this harrowing challenge, or will Mom and the "girls" make them turn tail?

Mice-Capades/Formula For Disaster

S7 E3
Oct 02, 2009
Poof has been watching too much of a classic, yet violent "cat & mouse" cartoon. He innocently turns Timmy and Vicky into "Cheesy and Sleazy" and all mayhem breaks loose. Poof won't take his medicine and Crocker won't take any more of Timmy's "F's." With a temperamental Poof and an overly determined Crocker, the Turner household becomes a chaotic battlefield.

Bad Heir Day/Freaks and Greeks

S7 E4
Oct 02, 2009
Crocker wants an heir to his supposed "fortune and fame." Poof coincidentally ends up in his care and Crocker is set for life. Timmy destroys Mt. Olympus and now all the Greek gods pay him a visit seeking revenge. Can he get rid of the rowdy bunch before his parents come home?

Fly Boy/Temporary Fairy

S7 E5
Oct 02, 2009
Everybody in Dimmsdale is watching the latest horror film, "Fly Boy." But Timmy isn't allowed to, so when he wishes to become a "fly on the wall" the real horror begins. Cosmo and Wanda are too busy taking care of Poof to tend to an overly adventurous Timmy, so he wishes up a "temporary fairy" and Jorgen is more than happy to fulfill Timmy's wishes.

Crocker Shocker/Super Zero

S7 E6
Oct 02, 2009
Crocker is hypnotized into no longer believing in fairies and becomes normal again. Unfortunately, Fairy World can no longer feed off his spastic energy, and all their magic shuts down. Cosmo is ousted from the house for being too annoying but he quickly finds relief in becoming Dimmsdale's newest and greatest super hero.

Dadbracadbra/Timmy Turnip

S7 E7
Feb 13, 2010
With a little help from Timmy, Dad's magic tricks really work. Convinced that Timmy's dad is a fairy, Crocker is out to prove it and uncover his secret on national television. Timmy meets his grandparents and quickly wishes they never came to America. He finds himself back in Ustinkistan - his grandparents' native country - and must somehow get on the next boat home.

One Man Banned/Frenemy Mine

S7 E8
Oct 15, 2009
After Timmy's rejected from the school band, he wishes everyone would love his music. But when Timmy gets his first taste of acclaim, Wanda has to stop him before he becomes completely fame-crazy. Timmy saves Vicky from a horrible accident and suddenly she is stricken by his generosity. Her life is transformed and unfortunately, so is Timmy's.

Chicken Poofs/Stupid Cupid

S7 E9
Apr 09, 2010
Poof gets the "Chicken Poofs" and turns everyone into actual chickens! Timmy steals Cupid's arrows in an attempt to make Trixie fall in love with him and go to the school "Romance Dance."

Double Oh Schnozmo/Planet Poof

S7 E10
Sep 11, 2010
Cosmo's brother the top secret spy pays a visit. But when Schnozmo's revealed to be nothing but a con man, Wanda demands that Schnozmo participate in a real spy adventure in order to spare Cosmo's feelings./No one will play with Poof, so he runs away to the one place where he's the center of attention: the planet Yugopotamia!

The Boss of Me/He Poofs, He Scores!

S7 E11
Sep 11, 2010
It's "Bring Your Kid to Work Day," and Dad takes Timmy to his office. When Timmy wishes up a pencil that will last forever, Dad's boss is so impressed he hires Timmy and tells him to fire Dad./When Timmy accidentally eats Poof (who is hiding as a marshmallow in Timmy's cereal) Timmy becomes magically talented at soccer.

Play Date...of Doom/Teacher's Pet

S7 E12
Apr 09, 2010
Foop is back! He's escaped from prison and convinced Cosmo and Wanda he's reformed and ready for a playdate with Poof. But he's really there to try and destroy his arch enemy again, and it's up to Timmy and Poof to thwart his evil plan. When Timmy wishes he were the teacher's pet, Poof literally grants his wish and turns him into a guinea pig in Mr. Crocker's class.

Manic Mom-Day/Crocker of Gold

S7 E13
Sep 17, 2010
When Timmy gripes that being Mom is easier than being a kid, Wanda takes the bait and switches their brains. Now Mom is Timmy, and Timmy is Mom! Frustrated by his inability to catch fairies, Crocker turns his attention to hunting a new magical creature - leprechauns. And as luck would have it, Cosmo has picked the same day to dress up like a leprechaun!

Poltergeeks/Beach Blanket Bozo

S7 E14
Aug 14, 2011
When Mom and Dad mistake Cosmo for a ghost and restart their failed ghost-hunting business, Timmy wishes that the fairies would pretend to haunt Dimmsdale. On vacation in Hawaii, Timmy accidentally wishes both of his parents into a dangerous, never-ending surf-off! Now Timmy will have to find a way to make Mom and Dad give up surfing before it ends in their mutual destruction.

Old Man and the C-/Balance of Flour

S7 E15
Jul 13, 2011
After failing miserably on a game show for 6th graders, Dad admits he dropped out of school in the 5th grade. The next thing Timmy knows, Dad's in his class! Unable to resist the taste of Jorgen's grandmother's brownies,Timmy steals the top secret recipe which gets downloaded into his brain. Timmy now faces danger as he learns that the fate of the magical universe is determined in a bakeoff.

Food Fight/Please Don't Feed the Turners

S7 E16
Jul 11, 2011
Tired of Mom's terrible dinners, Timmy wishes Mom were the best chef in the world. But when Mom opens a restaurant so popular that Timmy can't even get a reservation, he has to find a way to break the spell without crushing her dreams. The Turners win a contest to be the first family in space, only to learn that it was all a ruse by Dark Laser to imprison them in an alien zoo.

Take and Fake/Cosmo Rules

S7 E17
Jul 16, 2011
Timmy borrows Mark Chang's Fake-i-fier in order to attend Trixie's costume party. Unfortunately, he knows nothing about Yugopotamian technology and soon the device is causing Timmy to turn into all sorts of crazy creatures. When Jorgen comes down with the Trick-ups, it's up to Cosmo to enforce Da Rules. Cosmo wants nothing more than to impress Jorgen, but Timmy plus a green crayon equal big trouble for Cosmo and inadvertently the whole Universe!

Lights Out/Dad Overboard

S7 E18
Jul 12, 2011
Tired Timmy makes a wish for complete darkness so he can get some sleep. But he doesn't count on Cosmo and Wanda turning into Scary Fairies, and now, in a manic episode set in the pitch black of night, Timmy's on the run from all the crazy things that go bump in the night! Dad shipwrecks the Turners on a desert island and has to save the family before the island is blown up.

Farm Pit/Crock Talk

S7 E19
Aug 04, 2012
Dad decides to convert the Turner home into a farm. Unfortunately, it takes Cosmo and Wanda's magic to give Dad a green thumb, and when they're swept away by a tornado, it's up to Timmy to save the farm...and his fairies!

Operation Dinkleberg/Spellementary School

S7 E20
Feb 25, 2011
Dad changes Timmy's room into a surveillance center to prove that his kindly neighbor, Dinkleberg, is truly evil. Being the best neighbor ever, Dinkleberg pretends to be evil just to make Dad feel better./Foop is back! This time, he's seeking to be the most popular kid at magic school. His plan? Running for class president. His opponent? Poof!

The Fairly Odd Parents/Too Many Timmy's/The Fairy Flu

S7 E21
Aug 23, 2001
On a double feature night at the movies, Timmy's parents entrust his young, innocent life to the hands of Vicky. Vicky feigns ill health and nearly works poor Timmy into a coma.

Party of Three/The Temp/The Zappy's

S7 E22
Aug 30, 2001
Timmy convinces his mom and dad that as a ten year old he is very capable of staying home alone. Wanda and Cosmo, Timmy's Fairy Godparents, have to go back to the Fairy Academy to renew their licenses.