Season 6

Episode Guide

Fairly Odd Baby

S6 E1
Feb 17, 2008
Cosmo and Wanda are going to have a baby! And, in typical fairy fashion, it's Cosmo having the baby, not Wanda!

Mission: Responsible/Hair-i-cane

S6 E2
Mar 10, 2008
Cosmo and Wanda are exhausted from taking care of their baby, so Timmy volunteers to take over and give them a night out on the town./Timmy wishes up indestructible hair with personality that can never be cut!

Open Wide and Say "Ahhh!"/Oddpirates

S6 E3
Mar 12, 2008
Timmy's got to have his tonsils out and Vicky is determined to make his stay in the hospital as painful as possible!/Timmy wishes to see his favorite baseball team, the Pirates, but baby poofs them unto to a real pirate ship.

The Fairly Odd Games

S6 E4
Jul 31, 2008
Timmy's tired of being the guinea pig when the fairies, anti-fairies and pixies compete to see "who is the best magical creature in the universe?" He suggests a competition to determine once and for all who is best.

The Odd Squad/For Emergencies only

S6 E5
May 14, 2008
Timmy wishes he had a talking car./Cosmo and Wanda are so busy with Poof they're neglecting Timmy.

Cheese and Crokers/Land Before Timmy

S6 E6
May 15, 2008
Timmy wishes up a machine that allows him to merge with other items to become half-Timmy/half-whatever./Timmy's tired of technology taking over and ruining his life so he wishes for a simpler world.

Merry Wishmas!

S6 E7
Dec 11, 2008
When Timmy doesn't get what he wants for Christmas he simply wishes for it. But his friends can't do the same, so Timmy wishes every kid could get a magical coupon that would allow them to wish for the one thing they didn't get.

King Chang/The End of the Universe-ity

S6 E8
Feb 25, 2011
Shya! Mark Chang is called back to Yugopotamia to become king while his father, under attack from a mystery assailant, flees for his life. Dark Laser's back and tries to make Timmy his apprentice!

Sooper Poof/Wishing Well

S6 E9
Aug 12, 2008
Poof is trying to get the hang of shape shifting - unfortunately he takes after Cosmo!/Timmy's been running Cosmo and Wanda ragged so Jorgen takes him to "Wishing Well."

Wishy Washy/Poof's Play Date

S6 E10
Aug 15, 2008
Dad entrusts Timmy with washing and preserving his classic Stryker Z sports car!/Wanda worries that Poof doesn't have interaction with other fairy babies, so Timmy turns the adult fairies into babies, so Poof can play with.

Vicky Gets Fired/CHINdred Spirits

S6 E11
Nov 29, 2008
Timmy wishes up a girlfriend for Crimson Chin and soon the Chin dating a woman named Golden Locks...except now the comic is both boring and romantic./Vicky is determined to get a job after Timmy's parents fire her.

9 Lives/Dread 'n' Breakfast

S6 E12
Nov 29, 2008
When Catman tells Timmy that he's used up 8 of his 9 cat lives saving Dimmsdale from crime, Timmy helps Catman find a "safer" job where he can still help people./Mom turns the house into a bed and breakfast!

Birthday Bashed/Momnipresent

S6 E13
Oct 03, 2009
Timmy excitedly counts down to his birthday, until Jorgen reminds him that getting older means getting closer to losing his fairies./It's SepTIMberfest: the biggest Hollywood event of the year, hosted by a mysterious mega-gazillionaire - Timmy. But Mom has boring Mom errands to run and wants Timmy to come.

Wishology: The Big Beginning

S6 E14
Apr 30, 2009
Watch The Fairly OddParents weekdays on Nickelodeon! In a trilogy of epic proportions, Timmy faces "The Darkness," a swirling black hole threatening to absorb all the light and magic of the entire universe! Timmy learns he's the "Chosen One" and must defeat the darkness by finding a secret, magic wand that only he can control.

Wishology: The Exciting Middle Part

S6 E15
May 01, 2009
Timmy learns he merely slowed down The Darkness and now he must seek a second wand to defeat this evil force. Timmy is forced to make amends with his enemies in order to fight for the betterment of mankind.

Wishology: The Final Ending

S6 E16
May 02, 2009
Confident and secure, Timmy feels great having won the battle against The Darkness. His world is quickly turned upside down as he learns that he didn't win, but is now living inside The Darkness! Now his friends on the outside must come to the rescue to get Timmy out and find the final and ultimate wand.