Season 4

Episode Guide

Miss Dimmsdale/Mind Over Magic

S4 E1
Nov 7, 2003
Vicky competes in the Miss Dimmsdale Beauty Pagent, but plays dirty to win. Timmy wishes that he could read people's minds and uses his powers to anticipate every pop-quiz in class.

Hard Copy/Parent Hoods

S4 E2
Nov 14, 2003
Wanda must accompany a terrified Cosmo on his annual trip to the doctor. /The Turners have loaded up their RV and they're hitting the road on a cross-country trip to the Pencil Pushers museum, home of the Silver Pencil Sharpener.

The Big Super Hero Wish

S4 E3
Feb 16, 2004
When Timmy is disappointed by "regular people," he wishes the whole world was like his Crimson Chin comic book!

Vicky Loses Her Icky/Pixies Inc.

S4 E4
Feb 20, 2004
A magical bug containing Vicky's evil essence crawls from out of her butt leaving changing her into a saint! Pixies have bought Fairy World and now no wishes are being granted!

Mr. Right/Baby Face

S4 E5
Mar 19, 2004
Timmy wishes that everything he said was right, and he gets exactly what he asked for. Now that Timmy's old enough, he doesn't have to be subjected to all the kiddie stuff at Flappy Bob's Happy Learnatorium anymore.

Power Pals/Emotion Commotion

S4 E7
May 18, 2004
Timmy's friends are tired of being treated like his underlings. So they form the "Anti-Timmy Force Four," leaving him friendless.

Lights! Camera! Adam!/A Bad Case of Diary-Uh

S4 E8
Jun 1, 2004
When Timmy gets cast as stunt boy for Cleft in the Crimson Chin movie, he uncovers a plot to destroy the Chin's heroic reputation.Timmy wishes for full access to Vicky's diary.

Odd Couple/Class Clown

S4 E9
Jun 14, 2004
Timmy decides to wish up a love-interest for Vicky who will distract her from torturing Timmy. Trixie Tang always seems to laugh at Tad and Chad's jokes. So timmy wishes he were the funniest person on Earth.

Who's Your Daddy/Homewrecker

S4 E10
Jun 18, 2004
It's time for the Father-Son Squirrly Scout competition, and Timmy and his Dad are a shoe-in to win.

Channel Chasers

S4 E11
Jul 23, 2004
Timmy wishes for a magic remote control that will allow him to travel through television.

Shelf Life

S4 E12
Sep 10, 2004
Summer vacation is almost over, and Timmy hasn't done any work on his book report. With time running out and the first day of school quickly approaching, Timmy wishes the fictional character, Tom Sawyer out from his book.

Fairy Friends and Neighbors/Just the Two of Us

S4 E13
Nov 27, 2004
When Jimmy wishes for friends to hang out with his folks, Cosmo and Wanda are the ones who get stuck with the job. Timmy wishes that he and Trixie were the only people on the planet.

A New Squid In Town/Wish Fixers

S4 E14
Nov 27, 2004
Mark Chang is on the run from his enraged bride-to-be whom he left at the altar. He looks to the only Earthling who can help,Timmy Turner. Timmy is ordered to undergo a program that will teach him to make hamrless wishes.

Catman Meets the Crimson Chin/Genie Menie Minie Mo

S4 E15
Jan 17, 2005
The superhero TV show, "Catman," may be out of production, but its star, TV's Adam West will never rest as long as there are crimes to avenge! Timmy accidentally releases a Genie from a magic lava lamp.

Truth or Cosmoquences/Beach Bummed

S4 E16
Feb 15, 2005
Cosmo and Wanda receive invitations to their high school reunion. After some ritual beach-themed bullying, courtesy of Francis, Timmy wishes that he was the strongest guy on the beach.

School's Out: The Musical!

S4 E17
Jun 10, 2005
When Summer Vacation is threatened by the plans of Dimmsdale's adults, Timmy wishes that kids ruled the world. But his wish turns the Fairy World upside down!