Season 2

Episode Guide

Show 'Em What You Got

S2 E1
Apr 27, 2010
Whitney gets a once in lifetime chance to show her line at New York Fashion Week, but only has a week to pull the whole thing off. Joe Zee settles the dispute between Erin and Olivia.

Friends In High Places

S2 E2
May 4, 2010
Whitney has no time to rest after her first big fashion show, when Kelly pushes her to market her line. Olivia refuses to support Whitney's line at ELLE Magazine, but Erin goes over her head to Joe Zee.

Professionally Dangerous

S2 E3
May 11, 2010
Whitney and Olivia go head-to-head after Olivia decides to interview her friend for ELLE, instead of covering Whitney's line. Roxy goes out with Zach, and realizes their relationship may become more than just professional.

Queen Of Diamonds

S2 E4
May 18, 2010
Olivia and Erin have very different ideas of how to dress Fergie for an ELLE cover shoot, leaving Joe Zee in the middle. A French photographer shows an interest in Whitney.

The Belle Of Elle

S2 E5
May 25, 2010
Whitney doesn't follow Kelly's advice and brings Roxy along to a Glamour magazine shoot, and it almost ends in disaster. Erin and Olivia compete to be featured in New York's biggest gossip column.

Fashion With A Capital F

S2 E6
Jun 1, 2010
Olivia disappoints when she refuses to wear a designer's clothes to their own party. Whitney gives a preview of her line to Joe Zee and gets some harsh criticism. Erin eyes a replacement for Olivia.

The British Are Coming

S2 E7
Jun 8, 2010
Olivia's flubs during Fashion Week leave an opening that Erin quickly tries to fill with a new fashion reporter. Roxy impresses Kelly by helping to produce a huge fashion show. Whitney fights for a spot in an emerging designer show in Miami.

Work Horses And Show Ponies

S2 E8
Jun 15, 2010
Whitney and Roxy fly to Miami to put on a fashion show for Whitney's clothing line, for the first time without Kelly's help. Olivia fights for her job by scoring an interview with Zac Posen.

One Girl's Trash

S2 E9
Jun 22, 2010
After a successful showing, Whitney's first big sale for her line almost ends in disaster. Erin suspects Olivia of taking undue credit for pulling the perfect look for ELLE's shoot with pop-singer, Ke$ha.

Stage Fight

S2 E10
Jun 29, 2010
Roxy & Whitney have a falling out after Roxy is tasked with dressing a new musician in Whitney's clothing. Erin scores a spot for ELLE's editor-in-chief on the Martha Stewart Show, but needs Olivia's help to make it a success.

Roommate Wanted

S2 E11
Jul 6, 2010
The tension between Roxy and Whitney builds, and Roxy starts to look for her own place. Olivia reluctantly interviews a celebrity wearing Whitney's line, while Erin sees another opportunity to replace Olivia at the magazine.

Season Finale

S2 E12
Jul 13, 2010
Whitney faces her biggest career challenge yet, when a powerful fashion PR company offers to represent her line.. Erin makes a final play in her effort to get Olivia replaced at the magazine.