Tell Me A Story Executive Producer Kevin Williamson Expands On His Dark Signature Style

Visiting San Diego Comic-Con, the TV titan opens up about pushing himself creatively while making the forthcoming CBS All Access drama.
Posted on Jul 20, 2018 | 08:00am

If you're a TV and film fan, then chances are you're familiar with famed producer Kevin Williamson's work.
As the brains behind The Vampire Diaries, Dawson's Creek, and Scream, the television titan will soon bring his signature style to CBS All Access with the Original Series Tell Me A Story, which offers a modern-day twist on three beloved fairy tales: The Three Little PigsLittle Red Riding Hood, and Hansel and Gretel.

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We sat down with Williamson at San Diego Comic-Con, where he expanded on how his dark storytelling background has prepared him for Tell Me A Story.

Williamson's Previous Work Has Prepared Him For The Emotional Tumult Of Tell Me A Story.
"I get to use a little bit of everything I love," says the Executive Producer in a video interview (watch it above). "[Tell Me A Story] has the emotional drama of, say, an adult Dawson's Creek; you get to mix it with a twisty, racy storytelling of The Vampire Diaries; with some of the dark, twisted horror of Scream, and mix it all together in sort of a modern way. The best horror is when you put a mirror up to society, and that's what these fairy tales are able to do."

Look Out For Those Signature Kevin Williamson Touches
During his sit-down, Williamson also discussed how he was able to push himself creatively with Tell Me A Story.

"What's nice is, it's streaming on cable, so I got to expand my storytelling universe," he said. "It's more adult than I think anyone has seen from me, but it still has some signature thriller moves. It's got that trademark emotional horror, where you can get invested in your characters, really care about them, cry over them, and then watch them go through some horrific events and see if they can come out the other side."

Stay tuned for more information about Tell Me A Story on CBS, and stream the series premiere later this year on CBS All Access.