Star Trek Legends Wish The Series A Happy 50th Anniversary

Starfleet's own William Shatner, Brent Spiner, Jeri Ryan, Michael Dorn, and Scott Bakula offer greetings for the golden jubilee.
Posted on Sep 8, 2016 | 12:05am
On September 8th, 1966, exactly 50 years ago today, Star Trek made its television debut, boldly going where no show had gone before. Now, Trek stars want to wish the series and fans a happy 50th anniversary. Watch as William Shatner (The Original Series), Brent Spiner (The Next Generation), Jeri Ryan (Voyager), Michael Dorn (The Next Generation), and Scott Bakula (Enterprise) send their well wishes through time and space.


Of course, the 50th anniversary doesn't mark the end of this beloved franchise. The adventures continue in the CBS All Access original series Star Trek: Discovery, set 10 years before Captain Kirk's five-year mission. Stream the entire first season of Star Trek: Discovery, exclusively on CBS All Access.

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