Season 6

Episode Guide

Home Sweet Dorm

S6 E1
Sep 13, 1998
Tia and Tamera are off to college and a frantic search for the perfect dorm situation.

Stop in the Name of Fun

S6 E2
Sep 20, 1998
All work and no play makes Tia a dull girl... until Tamera signs her up for a spot on an MTV talent show!

Home Court Advantage

S6 E3
Sep 27, 1998
At Tamera's urging, Lisa hires a new assistant, Todd Banks, an attractive young male graduate who turns out to be lazy on the job. After a number of screw-ups, including one where Todd forgets to hire a male underwear model (and ends up having to fill in himself), Lisa fires him.

We Are Family

S6 E4
Oct 04, 1998
Ray's run for State Senate has his family up in arms after their lives become an open book in the press.

The Grass is Always Finer

S6 E5
Oct 11, 1998
Tia's crush on a handsome teacher leaves her shaken, stirred, and on the rocks with her boyfriend.

Bum Rap

S6 E6
Oct 18, 1998
Tia's experiment has Jordan and Tyreke at each other's throats, while Tamera and her dad face off in a political showdown!

Domino Effect

S6 E7
Nov 01, 1998
Jordan and Tyreke find themselves escorting two young coeds to the Homecoming Dance --- until girlfriends Tia and Tamera decide to show up at the last minute!

Greek to Me

S6 E8
Nov 08, 1998
Tia faces a tough choice among competing sororities; while Jordan also learns a lesson about the Greek.

My Father's House

S6 E9
Nov 15, 1998
Jordan confronts his fears when Tamera and friends convince him that love is a two-way street.

For the People

S6 E10
Nov 22, 1998
Ray is frustrated that his political campaign is not allowing him the time to get to the heart of the issues with his constituents. His campaign manager has been driving Ray hard, and the results are starting to make an impact... the polls show him closing the gap as election day nears.

Twins or Consequences

S6 E11
Dec 13, 1998
Tia gets cold feet after agreeing to take an exam for her twin sister.

Mixed Doubles

S6 E12
Jan 10, 1999
It's a game of "musical dates" as the girls' family and friends switch partners for a night on the town.

Two Girls, a Guy and a Calendar

S6 E13
Jan 17, 1999
Tia and Tamera battle it out on behalf of their guys as competition gets tight for a spot in their school's "12 Most Gorgeous Men on Campus" calendar.

Sweet Talk

S6 E14
Jan 24, 1999
Tamera lands a job as a radio talk show hostess dispensing advice on love on romance, including her own sister Tia's -- but without Tia's permission!

Father's Day

S6 E15
Feb 07, 1999
World-famous photojournalist Matt Sullivan is coming to the University of Michigan for a showing of his prize-winning photos. At a lecture prior to the showing, Tia asks Sullivan how he's able to balance his traveling schedule with a family life, which leaves Sullivan flustered, having to change the subject. He invites Tia to stop by the gallery with Tamera, which the twins do, only to discover through a rare photograph of their birth mother (she died in childbirth) that Sullivan is in fact their real birth father!

I Know What You Did in Drama Class

S6 E16
Feb 14, 1999
Tia flips out after catching Diavian and Tyreke in a passionate kiss during a drama rehearsal.

Double Talk

S6 E17
Feb 21, 1999
Jordan's guest shot on Tamera's radio show turns into a full time gig, but it may cost them their friendship.


S6 E18
Feb 28, 1999
Tyreke races to Atlanta hoping to make up with Tia, but it may not be in time to save their relationship.

Before There Was Hip Hop

S6 E19
May 02, 1999
An old time jazz legend fuels dreams of the swing era for the class, and dreams of heroics for Jordan.

Let Them Eat Cupcake

S6 E20
May 09, 1999
A series of mix-ups delays Victor's marriage proposal to Lisa.

The Road Less Traveled

S6 E21
May 16, 1999
Tia accepts a summer internship with the WNBA in New York, but Tamera is expecting that Tia will join her instead on a summer trip with their birth father in Africa. At the same time, Tyreke asks Tia to join him on a trip to his family reunion in St. Louis, and she doesn't have the heart to say no.

Fly Away Home

S6 E22
May 23, 1999
Lisa gets cold feet on her wedding day, while Tia and Tamera entertain an anxious crowd waiting for the ceremony.