Season 4

Episode Guide

Pranksters/From Here To Maternity

S4 E1
Jul 9, 1996
It's the ultimate April Fools Day in O-Town as Rocko, Filburt, and Heffer try their best practical jokes on one another. Filburt's impending fatherhood is jeopordized by the Easter Bunny's fiendishly clever Lamaze class egg ring.

Ed Good, Rocko Bad/Tee'd Off

S4 E2
Jul 10, 1996
Rocko is unjustly imprisoned in the O-Town dog pound and incensed by he squalid conditions. When Heffer lands a part time job as an assistant greenskeeper at a prestigious golf course, he finds himself embroiled in Ed Bighead's office politics.

Wimp On The Barby / Yarn Benders

S4 E3
Jul 11, 1996
Heffer transforms Rocko from milquetoast to Terminator./Classic fairy tales take on a decidedly new twist when Rocko convinces Heffer to read to a sick Filburt from "The Really, Really Big Book of Fairy Tales."

Mama's Boy / Feisty Geist

S4 E4
Jul 12, 1996
After suffering some ribbing from Rocko and Filburt, Heffer decides to move out of his parents home and strike out on his own./Rocko and Heffer's visit to a fortune teller channels them into danger when the spirit of Mortimer Khan possesses Spunky.

S.W.A.K. / Magic Meatball

S4 E5
Jul 15, 1996
Rocko falls for Alicia, his new mail carrier, but his plan to give her a love letter goes awry when Heffer takes over her route while she's sick./Ed Bighead is promoted to an executive at Conglomo.

Closet Clown / Seat To Stardom

S4 E6
Jul 16, 1996
When a clown's truck breaks down in front of his house, Ed Bighead begins to lead a double life./Rocko's behind earns him a place among the beautiful people of the fashion world when he becomes the spokes-wallaby for "Wedgie Boy" undergarments.

The High Five of Doom/Flyburgers

S4 E7
Jul 17, 1996
After stumbling upon Filburt's secret diary, Heffer and Rocko are convinced that Filburt is an alien. Flecko the fly files a lawsuit against Rocko after tripping on a rock in his house.

Heffer in a Handbasket

S4 E8
Jul 18, 1996
Heffer finds himself in the midst of a Faustian bargain when he offers his soul to a devil named Peaches so that he can compete on a television trivia show with fabulous prizes.

Dumbbells/Rug Birds

S4 E9
Jul 19, 1996
Heffer and Filburt introduce Rocko to the all-American pastime of "Ding-Dong-Ditch."/Filburt, the obsessive collector of bird wigs, takes Rocko along for his biggest score: the wig of an American Balding Eagle!

Hypno Puppy Love / Driving Mrs. Wolfe

S4 E10
Oct 8, 1996
Heffer and Filburt hypnotize Rocko into thinking he's a dog./Rocko, after unwittingly being recruited as Mrs. Wolfe's driving instructor, finds himself riding shotgun in a deadly game of chicken against the ultimate demolition derby car.

Put Out To Pasture / Future Schlock

S4 E11
Oct 10, 1996
Heffer overdoses on Pasture Puffies and is rushed to the hospital./In the O-Town of the far-flung future, Gilbert and Norbert -- descendants of a now ancient Filburt -- discover the remains of an old banana.

Turkey Time/Floundering Fathers

S4 E12
Nov 24, 1996
The special plans for Rocko's first Thanksgiving go awry when the turkey's of O-Town escape and take refuge in Rocko's house./The residents of O-Town engage in an argument about the correct origin of the town.

Bedfellows/Wallaby on Wheels

S4 E13
May 21, 1998
Heffer moves in with Rocko./Despite his vow to never do anything crazy to impress a woman, Rocko takes up roller skating after he becomes smitten with Sheila, the Roller Derby Queen.