Season 8

Episode Guide

Pups Save a Sweet Mayor/Pups Save a Magic Trick

S8 E1
Apr 2, 2021
Encased in a huge chocolate bunny, Humdinger is carried away by hungry raccoons and ends up floating in Adventure Bay with a curious dolphin. When a magic trick goes awry, the Adventure Bay Easter Festival is overrun by wild bunnies.

Pups Save a Runaway Rooster/Pups Save a Snowbound Cow

S8 E2
May 28, 2021
Chickaletta and Roosterio run away from a chicken show and get stuck on top of a runaway drone. When Bettina wanders up Jake's mountain and gets caught in a snowstorm, it's up to the PAW Patrol to bring her safely down.

Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Water Walker/Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Windsurfer

S8 E3
Jun 18, 2021
Mayor Humdinger swipes Francois' water-walking shoes and ends up trapped in a pit-like turtle nest. A long lost letter inspires Ms. Marjorie to visit an old surfing buddy. The pups spring into action when a nearby volcano erupts.

Pups Save a Rubble-Double/Pups Save a Clown

S8 E4
Jun 25, 2021
Rubble dreams that he's been taken aboard a spaceship and meets his alien double. When the ship crashes on an alien planet, he needs help. The Pups must save Humdinger and his kittens when they mess around with Blinky the Clown's tiny clown car.

Pups Save the Mustache/Pups Save the Funhouse

S8 E5
Jul 30, 2021
The Pups must help to find Mayor Humdinger's mustache after he accidentally shaves it off before it's about to be on the cover of a magazine. When a carnival train gets stuck in a tunnel, it results in a mountainside funhouse-style wild ride.

Pups vs. a Neon Humdinger/Pups Save a Royal Painting

S8 E6
Aug 6, 2021
When Mayor Humdinger's giant neon sign of himself gets loose, the PAW Patrol must stop it from rolling through town. Sweetie steals a painting of the Princess and attempts to replace it with one of herself.

Pups and Katie Stop the Barking Kitty Crew!/Pups Save the Glasses

S8 E7
Aug 13, 2021
When Mayor Humdinger disrupts Adventure Bay with his "barking" kitties, Katie and the pups must rescue the town. Cap'n Turbot loses his glasses and creates chaos in his path. It's up to the PAW Patrol to save him and his specs!

Pups Stop the Cheetah

S8 E8
Sep 10, 2021
When the Cheetah swipes the Paw Patroller to fulfill her nefarious plan to destroy the jungle and build the cheating-est racetrack ever, the Paw Patrol must get a brand new vehicle and stop her!

Pups Save a Show Jumper/Pups Save the Salmon

S8 E9
Sep 24, 2021
Winnie Winnington goes looking for a frog to enter in a frog-jumping contest and ends up needing rescued in a swamp. The pups must help salmon get to the ocean and also need to rescue Alex who gets stuck on top of a dam.

Pups Save The Hiding Elephants/Pups Save a Yodeler

S8 E10
Oct 15, 2021
Elephants become trapped in the Monkey Temple after a bee frightens them away from their watering hole. When Wingnut runs away from wolves that are attracted to his yodeling, he ends up trapped in a canyon. The PAW Patrol has to hurry to save him.

Pups vs. Ouchy Paws/Pups Save a Glow-in-the-Dark Party

S8 E11
Oct 22, 2021
Sid Swashbuckle pretends to be a legendary ghost so that he can take Danny's new skateboard. Ryder and the Pups race to save Mayor Goodway's Glow-in-the-Dark Party guests when a frightened Alien Boy zaps them into floating space bubbles.

Pups Stop a Super Shaker/Pups Save a Flying Farmhouse

S8 E12
Nov 5, 2021
Farmer Al's harvest machine goes haywire and shakes up Adventure Bay, even threatening to rock the Lookout off its foundation.Farmer Al has a wild dream that the PAW Patrol must rescue he and Yumi when his animals start acting like humans.

Pups Save the Dizzy Dust Express/Pups Save the Treetop Trekkers

S8 E13
Nov 19, 2021
When the Dizzy Dust Express appears with no one aboard, the PAW Patrol must stop the runaway train and find the missing passengers. Ms. Marjorie, Tilly Turbot, and Mayor Goodway get stranded in the treetops on their jungle zip-lining adventure.

Pups Save the Treasure Cruise/Pups Save Rocket Ryder

S8 E14
Dec 3, 2021
Mayor Humdinger tricks people to sail icy waters in search of an Antarctic treasure but they all need rescued when they get stranded on shore. The pups need to rescue Ryder and Alex when they get out of control on a rocket-powered ATV.

Rescue Knights: Quest for the Dragon's Tooth

S8 E15
Jan 21, 2022
When Ryder and the pups are knighted by the Princess of Barkingburg, they're put to the test when a disgruntled ex-Knight gains control of a dragon and attacks the castle.

Rescue Knights: Pups Break the Ice/Rescue Knights: Pups Save Excalibark

S8 E16
Feb 4, 2022
Claw finds a way to make Sparks' breath icy and sets out to freeze all of Barkingburg. When Chase accidentally pulls the legendary Golden Bone of Excalibark from its stone and becomes the Royal Knight, the Duke and Claw plot to ruin the day.

Pups Save a Chicken Tulip/Pups Stop an Xtreme Shark

S8 E17
Feb 11, 2022
When Mayor Humdinger and his mother help Mayor Goodway look for a rare tulip, Humdinger's attempts to have his mom find the flower first gets them all in trouble. The Pups must save Daring Danny X when a mechanical shark stunt goes awry.

Rescue Knights: Pups Save a Tournament/Rescue Knights: Pups Save the Baby Dragons

S8 E18
Mar 4, 2022
The PAW Patrol helps a Mystery Knight, the Princess in disguise, win a tournament when Claw and Sparks show up and sabotage the event. The Rescue Knights must save some baby dragons from Claw and reunite them with their mommy.

Rescue Knights: Pups Save a Dozing Dragon

S8 E19
Apr 8, 2022
When the Duke and Claw use a magic cauldron to put the people of Barkingburg to sleep, their plan backfires when the enchanted fog works on Sparks, it's up to the PAW Patrol to wake up the Dragon along with everyone else in town.

Dancing with Luke Stars!/Pups Save a Mischievous Octopus

S8 E20
Apr 15, 2022
A dance contest being judged by Luke Stars goes wrong when a floating dance floor carries the contestants away. The pups investigate a mystery at an undersea-themed museum exhibit and discover an octopus that wants to return to the ocean.

Pups Save a Lonesome Walrus/Pups Save the Hummy Gummies

S8 E21
May 6, 2022
Wally the Walrus searches all over Adventure Bay for Cap'n Turbot and turns the town upside-down in the process. Everybody loves Helga Humdinger's Hummy Gummy treats, causing Mayor Humdinger to get jealous and steal them all.

Pups Save the Kitties and the Kiddies/Pups Save the Greenhouse

S8 E22
May 13, 2022
Mayor Humdinger babysits his new friend's children, but trouble arises when they start feuding with his kitties. When Mayor Goodway and Mayor Humdinger accidentally get locked in a greenhouse, they need to be rescued from an exotic plant inside.

Pups Save a Box Fort/Pups Save Travelin' Travis From Really Big Bill!

S8 E23
May 20, 2022
The Pups must save Rocky and Humdinger from a runaway box fort. When Skye helps Traveling Travis search for Big Bill Island, the misguided explorer gets carried away by a really, really big bird.

Pups Save the Floating Goodways/Pups Save the Portable Pet Wash

S8 E24
Jun 3, 2022
When the Goodways drift out to sea on a swan-shaped float, they encounter a flock of real swans that are determined to protect the giant inflatable. Mayor Humdinger steals Katie's Portable Pet Wash and ends up causing bubble trouble all over town.