Season 7

Episode Guide

Mighty Pups Charged Up: Pups Stop a Humdinger Horde/Mighty Pups Charged Up: Pups Save a Mighty Lighthouse

S7 E1
Mar 27, 2020
The Mighty Pups have to save the day when Harold makes a cloning machine!

Mighty Pups Charged Up: Pups vs. Three Super Baddies

S7 E2
Apr 17, 2020
Harold, Ladybird, and the Copycat team up, and the three super baddies take the Mighty Pups' mighty meteor!

Pups Save an Antarctic Martian/Pups Save the Maze Explorers

S7 E3
May 8, 2020
Travelling Travis is on another great adventure when he lands in Antarctica but believes he's actually on Mars!

Pups Save a Waiter-Bot/Pups Stop a Pie-Clone

S7 E4
Jun 5, 2020
Mr. Porter's new high-tech waiter robot helps around the café, but it can't stop cleaning! It's up to the pups to clean up the mess all over town!

Dino Rescue: Pups and the Lost Dino Eggs

S7 E5
Jun 26, 2020
When a lost world of dinosaurs is discovered, Mayor Humdinger wants to take dino eggs back to Foggy Bottom, but along the way a baby Brachiosaurus ends up in dino-sized trouble!

Pups Save a Big Bad Bird Crew/Pups Save a Soapbox Derby

S7 E6
Jul 10, 2020
Myrna the Mynah bird leads her new feathered friends astray. Adventure Bay is holding a "kids only" soapbox derby race, when a mysterious newcomer named "Hum-Kid" shows up and starts breaking rules!

Dino Rescue: Pups Save a Pterodactyl/Dino Rescue: Pups and the Big Rumble

S7 E7
Aug 7, 2020
Maverick the daredevil Pterodactyl takes a tumble and hurts his wing, the pups are there for a sky-high Dino Rescue! A volcano is erupting, threatening the Dino Wilds!

Pups Save the Skydivers/Pups Save the Cupcakes

S7 E8
Aug 21, 2020
Mayor Goodway and Farmer Al are ready for a day filled with Skydiving fun. It's PAW Patrol to the rescue! Alex and the Mini Patrol get locked inside the flounder, the PAW Patrol dives in to save the day!

Dino Rescue: Pups Save a Hum-Dino

S7 E9
Sep 7, 2020
Mayor Humdinger takes his Kitties to the Dino Wilds for some Dino acting lessons, but instead finds himself on top of a runaway Brachiosaurus bound for Adventure Bay!

Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Pupmobiles

S7 E10
Oct 9, 2020
Mayor Goodway honors the PAW Patrol with the Key to the City. But Sid Swashbuckle and his pirate pup Arrby swipe the key. Ryder calls for an Ultimate Rescue as the Pups team up to stop those pesky pirates.

Pups Save a Lost Gold Miner/Pups Save Uncle Otis From His Cabin

S7 E11
Oct 16, 2020
Uncle Otis takes a trip to a lost gold mine. Uncle Otis installs a Smart Home 3000 in his cabin that ends up trapping Uncle Otis and Mr. Wingnut inside!

Pups Save a Rocket Roller Skater/Pups Save Ryder's Surprise

S7 E12
Oct 23, 2020
A mix-up delivery leads to Ms. Marjorie and Danny speeding out of control in Adventure Bay. Ryder's present ends up in the jungle and Carlos is trapped in a Jungle Gym.

Pups Save Election Day/Pups Save the Bubble Monkeys

S7 E13
Oct 30, 2020
When Mayor Humdinger runs for Mayor of Adventure Bay, his Mayor Mobile runs out of control! Ryder and the Pups visit Tracker and Carlos in the jungle.

Pups Save the Chalk Art/Pups Save the Hot Potato

S7 E14
Nov 6, 2020
The Mini Patrol and the Pups race to the rescue to save a local mural before the rain comes. Farmer Al and Yumi find out their garden is full of holes and their one of a kind potato is missing.

Dino Rescue: Pups Save a Sore Dino/Dino Rescue: Pups Save the Triceratops Tag-Alongs

S7 E15
Nov 13, 2020
In the Dino Wilds, Marshall performs some Dino dentistry with the help of an ancient geyser and his fellow Dino Pup pals.

Pups Save a Bah Humdinger!

S7 E16
Nov 20, 2020
Mayor Humdinger is being very naughty on Christmas Eve and it's up to the Paw Patrol to help Santa and save Christmas.

Pups Save the Marooned Mayors/Pups Save the Game Show

S7 E17
Dec 11, 2020
While out ice fishing, Mayors Goodway and Humdinger, along with Chickaletta, get stuck in an ice crevasse. The Wingnuts' farm plays host to a rootin' tootin Game Show hosted by Cowgirl Beryl!

Moto Pups: Pups vs. the Ruff-Ruff Pack

S7 E18
Jan 15, 2021
The Motorcycle Stunt Show comes to town - bringing famed stunt cyclist Wild Cat and the trouble-making cyclists, the Ruff-Ruff Pack. Wild Cat joins the PAW Patrol to help stop the baddies from trashing the town!

Pups Save a Trash-Dinger/Pups Save the Royal Armor

S7 E19
Feb 5, 2021
Mayor Humdinger's trash-compacting truck is messing up the beach. It's up to Rocky's new Re-Use It Truck to help save a rescue! Gift for the Princess been scattered all over town.

Moto Pups: Pups Save the Donuts/Moto Pups: Pups Save the Kitties

S7 E20
Feb 19, 2021
When the Ruff-Ruff Pack steals Mr. Porter's Mini-Donut Maker, the Moto Pups set off to get the machine back. The Ruff-Ruff Pack takes over Humdinger's lair and run off with his kitties.

Utimate Rescue: Pups Stop the Junk-Monster/Pups Save the Whale Pod

S7 E21
Feb 26, 2021
When Francois accidentally crashes his diving bell, the PAW Patrol must rescue him, a Pupfish, and a pod of whales. Wingnut's junk pile and Oscar go missing at the same time.

Pups Save Queen Cluck-Cluck/Pups Save a Desert Flounder

S7 E22
Mar 12, 2021
Mayor Goodway dreams she's travelled to the mysterious Cluck Cluck Island-a very strange land where Chickaletta is royalty! Travelling Travis's balloon gets caught on the Flounder.

Moto Pups: Pups Save a Moto Mayor

S7 E23
Mar 19, 2021
Mayor Goodway thinks she can change the Ruff-Ruff pack's naughty ways by pretending to be a "bad" biker and becoming part of their gang.

Moto Pups: Rescue at Twisty Top Mesa/Moto Pup: Pups Save a Sneezy Chase

S7 E24
Apr 16, 2021
The Ruff-Ruff Pack take a bus on a wild jump, and the Moto Pups must rescue the baddies off the Twisty Top Mesa. Chase's cat allergies lead him to the desert, and he's trapped with the Ruff-Ruff Pack. The Moto-Pups gear up for an epic rescue!

Pups Save Little Hairy/Pups Save a Kooky Climber

S7 E25
Apr 23, 2021
Big Hairy's little brother falls into a hole and Tracker gets carried away by Big Hairy. It's time for a Jungle Rescue! Daring Danny tries extreme rock climbing with Ace Sorenson. It's up to the Paw Patrol to save the duo.

Pups Save Thundermouth/Pups Save a Class Pet

S7 E26
May 7, 2021
Shortly after listening to the story of Thundermouth, the pups are on a mission to save elephants spooked by a scary noise. Mayor Goodway is left in charge of a class pet, but the hamster escapes! Now it's up to the PAW Patrol to save the pet.