Season 3

Episode Guide

Pups Find a Genie/Pups Save a Tightrope Walker

S3 E1
Dec 5, 2015
Rubble finds an old brass Jack in the Box with a Genie inside who grants him three wishes!/Francois Turbot is delighting all of Adventure Bay by bravely walking a tightrope.

Pups Save a Goldrush/Pups Save the Paw Patroller

S3 E2
May 7, 2016
When a grizzled old prospector discovers gold in Adventure Bay, it's a bona-fide, dog-gone, gold rush!

Pups Save the Soccer Game/Pups Save a Lucky Collar

S3 E3
Feb 6, 2016
When Mayor Humdinger challenges the Adventure Bay team to a soccer match, Ryder and the Paw Patrol are called in to play.

Pups Save Alex's Mini-Patrol/Pups Save a Lost Tooth

S3 E4
Apr 9, 2016
Impressed by the Paw Patrol's rescues, Alex sets up his own mini-Patrol and recruits Chickaletta, Cali, Turtle, and Bunny.

Air Pups

S3 E5
Feb 27, 2016
The Paw Patrol takes to the sky in their all new Air Patroller airplane! When an active volcano spews out hot lava everywhere and threatens Franciois and Cap'n Turbot, the PAW Patrol must bring them back to safety.

Pups Save Friendship Day

S3 E6
Feb 13, 2016
While celebrating Friendship Day, the pups spring into action to prevent Mayor Humdinger from ruining Adventure Bay's reputation as the friendliest town on the map.

Pups Save Apollo/Pups Save the Hippos

S3 E7
May 21, 2016
The Pups are delighted to be spending the whole day watching an Apollo-Super-Pup marathon on TV. When everyone but Rubble falls asleep, Apollo gets captured by his greatest foe - The Spider King.

Pups Save Daring Danny X/Pups in a Fix

S3 E8
Apr 9, 2016
When a boy named Danny sees Ryder perform an incredible stunt during a rescue, it inspires him to become a daredevil. Changing his name to Daring Danny X, the boy attempts to jump 10 cars with his ATV.

Pups Save a Dragon/Pups Save the Three Little Pigs

S3 E9
May 7, 2016
The town play is sure to be a hit with Katie as a princess and Marshall playing as the back half of a dragon.

Pups Save a Stinky Flower/Pups Save a Monkey-Naut

S3 E10
Jun 2, 2017
Mayor Humdinger drops off a 'gift' to Mayor Goodway, a flower that spreads a horrible stink when it blooms.

Pups Save the Polar Bears/A Pup in Sheep's Clothing

S3 E11
May 21, 2016
Jake and Everest help Cap'n Turbot count polar bears, when the Flounder accidentally cracks a sheet of ice - setting a couple polar bear cubs out onto ice floes heading out to open water.

Pups Save a School Bus/Pups Save the Songbirds

S3 E12
Jun 4, 2016
When all the tires on the Adventure Bay school bus blow out, Rocky has to help repair them. Meanwhile, the kids still need to get to school, so Ryder volunteers to use the Paw Patroller.

Pups Save Old Trusty/Pups Save a Pony

S3 E13
Jun 4, 2016
Ryder has a mystery on his hands when Adventure Bay is thrown into chaos by jets of water gushing up all over town.

Pups Save a Robosaurus/Pups Save a Film Festival

S3 E14
Apr 21, 2017
Earl, a homemade Robotic Dino, comes to life.

Tracker Joins the Pups!

S3 E15
Sep 28, 2016
Ryder and the pups are on their way to the jungle to help Carlos move a massive relic to the museum. When Carlos falls into a deep pit, he is saved by a big eared pup named Tracker.

Pups Bear-ly Save Danny/Pups Save the Mayor's Tulips

S3 E16
Apr 28, 2017
Daring Danny X is at it again! This time he's stuck high in a tree over a deep canyon and is hotly pursued by hungry bears.

All Star Pups!/Pups Save Sports Day

S3 E17
Sep 26, 2016
It's monkey mayhem as pups play kickball against Raimondo's team.

Pups in a Jam/Pups Save a Windsurfing Pig

S3 E18
May 5, 2017
It's the annual Jamboree Jamfest, but all of the fruit is carried off by ants!

Pups Get Growing/Pups Save a Space Toy

S3 E19
Jun 9, 2017
Pups Get Growing/Pups Save a Space Toy: Fertilizer causes Yumi's crops to sprout humongous veggies.

Pups Get Skunked/Pups and a Whale of a Tale

S3 E20
Jun 16, 2017
When Everest gets sprayed by a skunk, the pups delicately try to tell her she needs a bath!

Parroting Pups/Merpups Save the Turbots

S3 E21
Sep 28, 2016
Rocky loses his voice and can't bark out his puppack tools, but Matea the parrot has no problem doing it for him.

The Pups Winter Wonder Show

S3 E22
Dec 18, 2016
The Adventure Bay Snow-Show is in danger of being a No-Show when Mayor Humdinger escapes with the feature act, Cap'n Turbot's performing penguins. It's up to the Paw Patrol to return the penguins so that the show can go on!

Pups Save the Gliding Turbots/Pups Save a Plane

S3 E23
May 12, 2017
When Francois and Cap'n Turbot become stranded on a remote island, Ryder and the pups fly in to the rescue.

Pups Save a Giant Plant/Pups Get Stuck

S3 E24
May 19, 2017
Mayor Goodway's gesture of goodwill gift grows wildly out of control when it's planted in the wrong place. Time for a transplant!

Pups Raise the PAW Patroller/Pups Save the Crows

S3 E25
Jul 7, 2017
Daring Danny's at it again! Luckily the Pups raise their rig after Danny sinks the Paw Patroller.

Pups Save Their Floating Friends/Pups Save a Satellite

S3 E26
Jul 14, 2017
The aliens' spaceship is on the fritz and shooting out anti-gravity rays.