Sturgill Simpson Jokingly Calls His One Dollar Acting Debut A Midlife Crisis

Visiting Late Night With Seth Meyers, the country singer and first-time actor describes how he came to play Ken Fry on CBS All Access Original series One Dollar.
Posted on Sep 18, 2018 | 02:00pm
GRAMMY-winning country singer Sturgill Simpson stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers to discuss his recent foray into acting.

"This is my midlife crisis," joked the singer, who plays Ken Fry on the mystery-thriller One Dollar—a CBS All Access Original series about a group of characters who wind up embroiled in a shocking tale of multiple murders.

"I know how this happened, but it was very strange," Simpson continued. "I ended up getting this job because of a job I didn't get. We were out in Los Angeles last fall, playing at the Greek Theater, and my booking agent called and he was like, 'Hey, do you want to go read for a part in a TV show?' And I was like, 'It's kind of all I can think about now.'"

So Simpson went and read for the role his agent suggested, but surprise! Instead of booking the original role, he caught the eye of a One Dollar producer, who immediately introduced him to series director Craig Zobel. From there, Zobel and Simpson sat down to dinner to talk One Dollar.

"He just had such an amazing, positive energy," recalled Simpson of their conversation. "I just sort of said, 'If I never do this again, even if I suck at it, this is the kind of person I wanna put myself in the hands of.'"

Watch the entire interview with Sturgill Simpson below:

You can watch Simpson as Ken Fry when you stream all-new episodes of One Dollar Thursdays, exclusively on CBS All Access.