Season 1

Episode Guide

My One Temptation, Pt. 1

S1 E1
Oct 18, 2005
Noah tries to figure out if his new friend Wade is gay, Chance takes a big step in his relationship, Ricky crosses the line at work, and Alex learns a secret about Trey.

My One Temptation, Pt. 2

S1 E2
Oct 18, 2005
Wade pressures Noah to step outside his comfort zone, Chance has second thoughts about his big move, and Alex gets a better understanding about Trey's interest in cyber sex.

Don't Mess With My Man

S1 E3
Oct 26, 2005
Wade grows jealous of Noah and Ricky's bond, Trey spices things up with Alex, Ricky's new employee doesn't reciprocate his flirtations, and Chance suspects Eddie of cheating.

Don't Make Me Over

S1 E4
Nov 2, 2005
Noah feels uncomfortable when he meets Wade's friends, Alex signs up for an amateur drag competition, Ricky gives dating a try, and Chance struggles with his breakup.

Nothin' Goin On But the Rent

S1 E5
Nov 9, 2005
Wade encourages Noah during his time of need, Chance experiments with a different look, Alex works toward a new career endeavor, and Ricky disappoints Chance.

Writing to Reach You

S1 E6
Nov 16, 2005
Noah and Wade try to collaborate, Eddie catches Chance by surprise, Ricky takes things slow as he gets to know Junito, and Alex worries about Trey's friendship with Guy.

Love is a Battlefield

S1 E7
Nov 30, 2005
Ricky faces a personal crisis, Alex and Trey work on their relationship, Noah and Wade join forces on a pitch for the studio, and Chance contemplates Eddie's proposal.

I'm With Stupid

S1 E8
Dec 7, 2005
Wade temporarily moves in with Noah, Chance hopes to get married in his childhood church, Ricky fears getting too close to Junito, and Alex and Trey's relationship remains rocky.

Got Till It's Gone

S1 E9
Dec 14, 2005
Noah's relationship with Wade is tested, Ricky tries to move on from Junito, Alex discovers a secret, and Chance and Eddie's commitment ceremony is full of surprises.