Season 3

Episode Guide

Susan Walsh Part 1

S3 E1
Oct 11, 2022
Where is Susan Walsh? The list of those who might have meant her harm is impressive–the Russian mob, the Mafia, a vampire cult, and a jealous estranged husband.

Susan Walsh Part 2

S3 E2
Oct 11, 2022
Susan Walsh is bright, beautiful, and ambitious. But as she builds a career in journalism and moonlights as an exotic dancer, she may have made a fatal enemy.

Tamra Keepness Part 1

S3 E3
Oct 11, 2022
When 5-year-old Tamra Keepness goes missing from her home, an entire city rallies to find "everyone's baby." Then, suspicion falls on her grieving family.

Tamra Keepness Part 2

S3 E4
Oct 11, 2022
In Part 2, the police and Indigenous community continue the search for 5-year-old Tamra Keepness. A mysterious online tip raises hopes.

Chelsea Cobo

S3 E5
Oct 11, 2022
Chelsea is a young mother with a vibrant personality, but the loss of a family member sends her into a deep depression. Her distraught mother believes two individuals she meets on a psych ward are behind her sudden disappearance.

Maisy Odjick & Shannon Alexander

S3 E6
Oct 11, 2022
Best friends Maisy Odjick and Shannon Alexander go missing after a school dance. When police label the girls as runaways, Maisy’s family picks up the search.

Chase Hurdle & Daniel Olson Part 1

S3 E7
Oct 11, 2022
When Chase Hurdle walks out of high school one morning, his family wonders if he's experiencing amnesia, or if something more sinister has happened.

Chase Hurdle & Daniel Olson Part 2

S3 E8
Oct 11, 2022
An abandoned car raises new questions about whether it was Chase or someone else seen jumping from a Bismarck bridge. Did Daniel Olson come to town to start over, or end it all?

Mackenzie Trottier

S3 E9
Oct 11, 2022
When 22-year old Mackenzie Trottier doesn't show up for Christmas, her family panics. Police hunt for an unidentified man connected to the missing woman.

Kassandra Ramirez

S3 E10
Oct 11, 2022
Single mom Kassandra Ramirez just started her dream job as a chef. But she told a relative, I think I'm in danger. Then she vanishes.

Granger Taylor

S3 E11
Oct 11, 2022
Mechanical genius Granger Taylor leaves a note for his parents, announcing that he is going on an interstellar voyage aboard an alien spaceship. He is never seen again.

Ryan Shtuka

S3 E12
Oct 11, 2022
Ryan Shtuka disappears after a house party during a fierce winter storm. Everyone was searching. How could a promising 20 year old simply vanish?