Season 1

Episode Guide

Terrance Williams

S1 E1
May 10, 2022
Terrance Williams is last seen getting into a Florida cop's police cruiser. His mother, and filmmaker Tyler Perry are determined to find her lost son.

Terrance & Felipe

S1 E2
May 10, 2022
Tyler Perry helps a mother get answers about the disappearance of her son after an encounter with a cop. A second case comes to light with the same cop.

Kelley Brannon Part I

S1 E3
May 10, 2022
After a fight with her boyfriend Kelley Brannon leaves an angry voicemail saying "I am getting in a car." She's never seen again.

Kelley Brannon Part II

S1 E4
May 10, 2022
Investigators retrace Kelley Brannon's last days. The questions they must answer: Was she abducted by a stranger in the night? Did she befriend someone at the local bar who harbored bad intentions? Or did her boyfriend, with whom she had a stormy relationship, play a role in her disappearance?

Matthew Weaver Jr.

S1 E5
May 10, 2022
After his abandoned car is found on a mountain road, family of Matthew Weaver Jr. suspects foul play, refusing to accept a police theory of suicide.

Daniel Robinson

S1 E6
May 10, 2022
Geologist Daniel Robinson abruptly leaves a job site in the Arizona desert. Searchers discover his SUV and clothes, but what happened to Daniel?

Marshal Iwaasa

S1 E7
May 10, 2022
Marshal Iwaasa's truck is found burnt in the wilderness. Family and friends hire a fire investigator who believes police bungled a crime scene.

Jason Landry

S1 E8
May 10, 2022
Jason Landry never makes it home from university. His car and clothes are found in rural Texas, prompting theories of hypothermia, abduction and man-eating pigs.