• Never Seen Again Season 1

    S1 E4: Kelley Brannon Part II

    24M MAY 09, 2022 TV-MA

    S1 E4: Investigators retrace Kelley Brannon's last days. The questions they must answer: Was she abducted by a stranger in the night? Did she befriend someone at the local bar who harbored bad intentions? Or did her boyfriend, with whom she had a stormy relationship, play a role in her disappearance?

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Never Seen Again
Cases in which individuals simply disappear. Each story begins as the last loved one to see the missing person relives that final moment.

Each 30 minute episode tells the story of someone who vanishes into thin air, leaving behind a trail of evidence but often no smoking gun. There is no body, no blood trail, no conclusive proof of injury. But almost always, there are rich digital clues: the location of a final cell phone signal, an ominous text message, or even a selfie posted on social media. Are these people runaways or are they victims? The crimes are still out of focus, and loved ones are desperate to put the pieces of the puzzle together… with your help.

These cases are active, current and rich with surveillance videos, social media posts, text messages, phone calls, and the last videos of the missing person. Never Seen Again untangles every possible theory, taking the viewer on a suspenseful detective journey that lands on one final question…can you solve this case?
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Never Seen Again