Season 6

Episode Guide

On The Rebound

S6 E1
Sep 04, 2000
Moesha and Q decide whether or not to take their relationship to the next level; Dorian returns home from boot camp.

Bad Company

S6 E2
Sep 11, 2000
After spending the summer traveling with Q's band, Moesha returns home sporting an engagement ring.


S6 E3
Sep 18, 2000
Someone places a hidden camera in Moesha and Niecy's dorm room; Myles' girlfriend tells him she's pregnant - and he's the father!

Living In Paradise

S6 E4
Sep 25, 2000
Moesha tries to straighten out her out-of-control roommates, but they're more interested in chasing Boys II Men.

You Say He's Just A Friend

S6 E5
Oct 02, 2000
Moesha is tempted by her attraction to good-looking Jamal, while Dorian starts up his own hair solon.

Just The Two of Us

S6 E6
Oct 09, 2000
While Frank and Dorian are on a road trip to Vegas, Myles falls hard for Moesha's roommate, Alicia.

The Nutty Moesha

S6 E7
Oct 30, 2000
It's Halloween and Moesha's acting crazy, Niecy's growing body hair, and Dorian's dogsitting a ferocious bulldog.

The Candidate

S6 E8
Nov 06, 2000
A woman city council candidate loses Moesha's support when she gets the hots for Hakeem.

Definitely Not The Cosbys

S6 E9
Nov 13, 2000
When Moesha tells her dad she's engaged, he fantasizes about solving his family problems like Bill Cosby.

All This & Turkey Too

S6 E10
Nov 20, 2000
Q comes home for Thanksgiving and asks Moesha for his ring back.

The Player

S6 E11
Dec 11, 2000
Moesha's attempt to solve Niecy's "ain't gotta man blues" backfires.

All Grown Up

S6 E12
Jan 15, 2001
Moesha and Hakeem reminisce about their friendship and wonder if it could be developing into something more.

Run, Mo, Run

S6 E13
Feb 05, 2001
An ex-con is after Moesha, and Dorian decides to search for his birth mother.


S6 E14
Feb 12, 2001
Dorian finds his mom, but it's Moesha who ends up getting hurt.

That's My Mama

S6 E15
Feb 19, 2001
Dorian thought finding his mom would provide answers, not raise more questions (Lil Bow Wow guest stars).

What If...

S6 E16
Feb 26, 2001
Niecy spins a fantasy about what Moesha's life would be like if her mom raised her instead of Frank.

Scary Marriage

S6 E17
Mar 05, 2001
Moesha and her friends are matched up in a mock marriage for a homework assignment.

Saving Private Rita

S6 E18
Mar 12, 2001
Moesha saves a suicidal friend, while Dorian pretends to be religious to impress a cute girl.

Mayhem At The Jam

S6 E19
Mar 19, 2001
A concert gets out of Moesha's control and Hakeem takes a beating.


S6 E20
Apr 16, 2001
Moesha and Hakeem's relationship heats up, while Dorian dates an older woman.

Graduation Day

S6 E21
May 07, 2001
Dorian's new older girlfriend is enticing him with promises of a record deal, while Mo and Hakeem fight about trust.

Paying The Piper

S6 E22
May 14, 2001
Hakeem asks Moesha to move in with him, and Dorian's past comes back to haunt him.