Season 7

Episode Guide

Divorce Dominican Style

S7 E1
Jul 27, 1998
Kyle tries to manipulate Taylor into revealing the truth about her scheme involving Christine. Amanda and Kyle's divorce is finalized.

A Long Way To Tip-A-Roy

S7 E2
Aug 03, 1998
Rory poisons Amanda after she refuses to give him a share of the agency, then tries to stab Kyle. Peter admits his love for Amanda and breaks up with Lexi.

A Match Made In Hell

S7 E3
Aug 10, 1998
Overcome with guilt about Lexi's plight, Megan convinces Brett to marry Lexi. Michael rebuffs Taylor's attempts to turn him into a responsible father.

Ball 'N' Jane

S7 E4
Aug 17, 1998
Michael attends a college reunion in Chicago, where he runs into Jane. Jane then follows Michael back to Los Angeles in the hopes of rekindling their romance.

As Bad As It Gets

S7 E5
Aug 24, 1998
Michael has Taylor shipped away in an ambulance. Jane is furious to learn of the pregnancy, and rents an apartment at the complex.

Buona Sera, Mr. Campbell, Part 1

S7 E6
Aug 31, 1998
Beck's men hold Amanda hostage in a desolate cabin. A disgusted Jeff breaks up with Sam.

Buona Sera, Mr. Campbell, Part 2

S7 E7
Sep 07, 1998
The kidnapper pursues Amanda through the woods in the midst of the storm. Megan stows away on the boat and foils Brett's attempt to kill Lexi.

The World According To Matt

S7 E8
Sep 14, 1998
Amanda is given a diary in which Matt recorded secrets about his friends and neighbors. Peter believes that the missing page relates to Amanda's feelings for him, and snoops in her apartment.

Where The Hookers Grow

S7 E9
Sep 21, 1998
Kyle is jealous of the amount of time Amanda spends with the recuperating Peter. Michael follows Megan to her parent's home, and is stunned to find that the family is wealthy.

Doctor Jealousy

S7 E10
Sep 28, 1998
Peter learns that Lexi has uncovered the truth about his involvement in Amanda's kidnapping. Lexi threatens to expose Peter unless he sleeps with her.

Not Quite All About Eve

S7 E11
Oct 19, 1998
Lexi does not tell Amanda about the kidnapping because she doesn't want Peter to go to prison. Amanda is annoyed when Kyle continues to obsess over the missing journal page.

The Rumor Whisperer

S7 E12
Oct 26, 1998
Amanda is nominated for a magazine's Businesswoman of the Year award. Megan learns the truth when she eavesdrops on a conversation between Lexi and Drew.

The Night The Lights Went Out At Melrose

S7 E13
Nov 02, 1998
Lexi decides not to fire Megan for her betrayal. Peter realizes that he has been cold to Eve.


S7 E14
Nov 09, 1998
Kyle becomes suspicious of Eve after she angrily rejects a record deal. Peter catches Eve in a lie about her whereabouts.

Fiddling On The Roof

S7 E15
Nov 16, 1998
Overcome with guilt after kissing Alex, Jane hides out at a hotel. Amanda goes to the church to tell a heartbroken Michael that the wedding is off.

Lethal Wedding 4

S7 E16
Nov 23, 1998
Ryan insults Megan and gets into a fist fight with Michael. Jane sues Michael for divorce, and he responds with a countersuit.

When Cheerleaders Attack

S7 E17
Nov 30, 1998
Amanda and Eve reveal their secret to Kyle. Peter and Eve are married, and find a naked Lexi waiting in their room.

Suddenly Sperm

S7 E18
Dec 14, 1998
Michael must sell the beach house to pay off his debts. Jane and Michael reminisce about their first date.

The Usual Santas

S7 E19
Dec 21, 1998
Lexi, Amanda and Eve are caught in a bank hold-up involving men in Santa Claus suits. Amanda begins to worry about Kyle's drinking.

The Kyle High Club

S7 E20
Jan 11, 1999
Kyle continues to abuse alcohol and prescription pills. When Amanda and Ryan come to Kyle's rescue, she sees women coming out of his room and assumes that he is cheating on her.

I Married A Jock Murderer

S7 E21
Jan 18, 1999
Eve and Ryan try to reunite Kyle and Amanda. Ryan becomes suspicious of Megan's irregular hours.

A Fist Full Of Secrets

S7 E22
Jan 25, 1999
Peter travels to Oakhurst to investigate Eve's past. Ryan intercepts a drug delivery for Kyle and pushes his brother into flushing the pills.

The Younger Son Also Rises

S7 E23
Feb 08, 1999
Kyle and Ryan's overbearing father, Mack, surprises his sons with a visit. Ryan and Kyle flee Kyle's birthday party and get into a fight.

Saving Ryan's Privates

S7 E24
Feb 15, 1999
Kyle flies into a drug-induced rage and burns down his and Amanda's dream house. Peter recommends that he check into a rehab center.

They Shoot Blanks, Don't They?

S7 E25
Feb 22, 1999
Eve is jealous of the amount of time Peter is spending with Amanda. Kyle breaks out of rehab and goes ballistic.

How Amanda Got Her Groove Back

S7 E26
Mar 01, 1999
Amanda is seriously injured. Kyle refuses to acknowledge that the child was his.


S7 E27
Mar 08, 1999
Kyle and Amanda are anxious to speed up the construction on their house, but learn that it will cost them. Jackie is assaulted by her boss.

Ryan's Choice

S7 E28
Apr 05, 1999
Ryan heads home to tell Megan that he slept with Lexi. Michael agrees to team up with Lexi after his ploy to win back Megan fails.

Mcbride's Head Revisited

S7 E29
Apr 12, 1999
Lexi buys the apartment building. Michael and Lexi drug Ryan, then snoop in his apartment and find information about his trip to New York.

The Daughterboy

S7 E30
Apr 19, 1999
Michael and Ryan get into a scuffle, and Megan cracks Ryan over the head with a lamp. Sarah overhears Terry threatening to keep her away from Ryan forever.

Bitter Homes And Guardians

S7 E31
Apr 26, 1999
Ryan learns Sarah's whereabouts and sends her to the beach house to stay with Kyle. Amanda must fire half of her staff to finance the commercial.

Floral Knowledge

S7 E32
May 03, 1999
Tony orders Amanda to distract Peter throughout the cruise so that he can put the moves on Eve. Terry has a social worker take Sarah away from Ryan.

Lexi Gets Stiffed

S7 E33
May 10, 1999
Amanda loses Tony's account because the commercial footage was destroyed. Peter ends his marriage so that he can be with Amanda.

Dead Men Don't Shut Up

S7 E34
May 17, 1999
Lexi fears that the police will accuse her of killing Tony and forging his signature on the contracts. Terry kidnaps Sarah.

Asses To Ashes

S7 E35
May 24, 1999
Terry apologizes to Ryan and Megan. Lexi wants to go to the police with Eve's revelations about Amanda.