Episode Guide

Season 12

Episode Guide

Basketball Player - Kenneth

S12 E1
May 04, 2012
Kenneth is a dancing diva who's determined to gain the acceptance of his military father by being MADE into a basketball player.

Perfect Boyfriend - Ben

S12 E2
May 05, 2012
Ben has no luck in love and is hoping to be MADE into the Perfect Boyfriend.

Ladies Man - Josh

S12 E3
May 06, 2012
In hopes of finally feeling good enough, Josh wants to be MADE into a confident and cool Ladies' Man!

Actress - Mary

S12 E4
May 07, 2012
Mary is being MADE into an actress, and she has 30 days to book a role in her first commercial. But Mary is caught between the old world values of her parents and the new world of show business.

Softball Player - Elizabeth

S12 E5
May 08, 2012
Beth's dad taught her how to play softball. When he died four years ago, she gave it all up but now she's ready to deal with her grief and make it onto her high school's team.

Cheerleader - Arly

S12 E6
Jun 04, 2012
Arly wants to be made into a high kicking cheerleader. She has four weeks to prove that she has tamed her angry behavior, but Arly will test everyone around her while she figures out if she can go from hellcat to cheerleader.

Catalina Island

S12 E8
Jun 05, 2012
Four childhood friends reunite on California's Catalina Island with a dream to start their own matchmaking business.

Fashion Stylist - Alyssa

S12 E9
Jun 06, 2012
Alyssa is a small-town fashion student who wants to be MADE into a professional stylist. But the opportunity to style celebrities for the 2012 Teen Choice Awards may prove to be too much pressure to handle.

Comedy Actresses

S12 E10
Jun 10, 2012
Three college students, inspired by Tina Fey, try to become professional improv comediennes.

Professional Wrestler - DeAnna

S12 E11
Jun 11, 2012
Unemployed and living at home, DeAnna wants to fight for her future by being MADE into a pro wrestler.

Fashion Mogul - Reyes

S12 E12
Jun 12, 2012
Louis Reyes wants to take his small tee shirt business and make it a full on fashion line to make a better life for he and his daughter.

Tough Mudder - Shane

S12 E13
Oct 09, 2012
Shane Romano is a college coed who's determined to overcome a personal tragedy by being MADE into a Tough Mudder.

Circus Performer - Ashley

S12 E14
Oct 14, 2012
Ashley is a recent college grad who wants to be made into a circus performer.

Celebrity Assistant - Chris

S12 E15
Oct 15, 2012
Determined to assist a Hollywood Star, Chris struggles to stay with the program, as he's MADE into a Celebrity Assistant.

Boxer - Derek

S12 E16
Oct 16, 2012
Derek is the son of the late boxing legend, Smokin' Joe Frazier and wants to honor his father's memory by being MADE into boxer himself.

Dream Date - Emily

S12 E17
Jan 01, 2013
Emily Pohas fears that her weight and her lack of self-confidence will hold her back from finding true love. She wants to be MADE into a sexy, outgoing young woman and finally get the chance to go on her ultimate "Dream Date."

Stunt Woman - Katie

S12 E18
Jan 02, 2013
Katie is an only child who relies on her mom for everything. Now she's ready to step out on her own and get her life into gear by being MADE into a professional stunt woman.

Comedian - Rob

S12 E19
Jan 04, 2013
Rob is a Jersey boy who is always looking for a laugh. Now he's determined to turn his humor into a career by being MADE into a Stand-Up Comedian. Featuring Jim Breuer and J.B. Smoove.

Tough Mudders (GVSU Girls)

S12 E20
Jan 05, 2013
Kaitlin, Megan, Melissa and Lexi are college roommates who want to show everyone that they can do something way beyond their comfort zone by being MADE into Tough Mudders.

Salsa Dancer - Chinesa

S12 E21
Jan 06, 2013
Chinesa Rusch is a college senior who wants to shed her shy, nerdy persona and be MADE into a seductive Salsa Dancer. But will she be able to conquer her social anxiety before she steps into the spotlight?