Season 9

Episode Guide

Bobbit It Off!

S9 E1
Mar 16, 2020
Kirk and Rasheeda's 20th anniversary party goes left when Alexis Skyy comes for Karlie. Sierra fights for her freedom. Joc is horrified when Kendra asks him to get snipped. Momma Dee is in a health crisis. Karlie has been keeping a shocking secret.

No Witness, No Protection

S9 E2
Mar 23, 2020
There's trouble in paradise for besties Sierra and Karlie. Up and coming rap superstar LightSkinKeisha is on the scene with her man by her side. Karlie and Alexis bond over a shared enemy and Scrappy continues to fear for Momma Dee's life.

Oh Deer

S9 E3
Mar 30, 2020
Former besties Karlie and Sierra are left reeling after their brawl. Bambi has it out for alleged homewrecker LightSkinKeisha. Stevie uncovers Mimi's deep seated abandonment issues. And Scrappy worries Momma Dee is drinking again.

Queen of Atlanta

S9 E4
Apr 06, 2020
Akbar goes to war with LightSkinKeisha over her throne as queen of Atlanta. Scrappy and Bambi seek peace for their family, but their moms have other plans in mind. Newbie Kiyomi Leslie is on the scene. And Shooter juggles his messy love life.

Slippery Slope

S9 E5
Apr 13, 2020
Rasheeda decides to whisk the girls away for a ski trip, but a family crisis gets in the way. Sierra and Shooter are also in crisis when their daughter is assaulted at school. Alexis opens up about her traumatic past. And a family feud turns nasty.

You Trippin'

S9 E6
Apr 20, 2020
The ski trip gets off to a dramatic start as the ladies take pregnancy tests. Spice and Shekinah butt heads. All hell breaks loose as Shooter's messy love triangle implodes. Newlyweds Safaree and Erica witness Cheyenne and Ki'yomi coming face to face.

Black Diamond

S9 E7
Apr 27, 2020
Karlie and Sierra have an emotional heart to heart on the ski trip. Shekinah and Spice's feud rages on. Shooter's messy love triangle goes up in flames after Cheyenne and Ki'yomi come face to face. Sierra catches BK cheating.

The Kids Are Alright

S9 E8
May 04, 2020
Bambi breaks the news to Scrappy about baby number two, leaving Momma Dee feeling left out of the palace. Kirk and Rasheeda pick up the pieces when Kirk Jr is released from prison. And a vengeful BK turns the cheating rumors back on Sierra.

Shut It Down

S9 E9
May 11, 2020
Coronavirus cases in Atlanta explode leaving everyone wondering how they'll make ends meet. All hell breaks loose when Akbar comes face to face with her many enemies at Spice's pop up shop.