Season 3

Episode Guide

The Thrill Of The Hunt

S3 E1
Aug 16, 2006
It is a new year with a new cast and the drama starts right away in Laguna Beach. Tessa is invited to queen bee Kyndra's BBQ, but when Tessa brings her best friend Raquel, it's clear they are both unwanted guests.

Who Wants To Date A Rock Star

S3 E2
Aug 23, 2006
Rocky throws Tessa a surprise birthday party but it's Chase who delivers Tessa the best present. Meanwhile, the Kyndra/Cameron relationship heats up behind Jessica's back.

We're Gonna Crash A Party

S3 E3
Aug 30, 2006
Christmas in Laguna heats up when Kyndra and Cami crash Rocky's holiday party. Meanwhile, Cameron gets defensive about his relationship with Jessica.

Old Friends, New Crushes

S3 E4
Sep 6, 2006
Breanna reaches out to her former best friend Raquel in hopes to repair their relationship, but things don't go smoothly. Meanwhile, Chase arranges for a double date so his pal Kelan can go after his long-time crush, Lexie.

Kiss and Don't Tell

S3 E5
Sep 13, 2006
When Tessa and Rocky travel to San Diego for a modeling gig for Tessa, Cameron decides to tag along. Sparks fly between him and Tessa, but will Jessica find out?

Headed For Heartbreak

S3 E6
Sep 20, 2006
It's Cameron's birthday but it's Tessa who is surprised when she realizes that Cameron has a totally different take on their hookup. Meanwhile, Kyndra rekindles her rocky romance with her ex-boyfriend, Tyler.

Hook Ups and Cover-Ups

S3 E7
Sep 27, 2006
Kyndra risks her relationship with Tyler when she gets a little too cozy with Cameron at Winter Formal. Will she be able to convince everyone nothing happened including Tyler's little sister, Nikki, before she tells?

Spies, Lies and Alibis

S3 E8
Oct 4, 2006
Kyndra tries to calm the rumor mill by hosting a Valentine's Day dinner party with Tyler, but tensions flare when Cameron shows up. Meanwhile, Rocky takes it to another level with Alex on their romantic night out.

First Date, Last Date

S3 E9
Oct 11, 2006
Tessa goes on a date with Derek, one of the popular guys, while Cameron and Jessica's relationship is on its last legs.

It's, Like, Break-Up Season

S3 E10
Oct 18, 2006
Things get heated at the bonfire when Alex and Rocky determine the fate of their relationship.

The Three Day Rule

S3 E11
Oct 25, 2006
Alex and Rocky have broken up, but rough times are still ahead, plus Tessa tries to get Derek to open up about their relationship.

Only In Cabo

S3 E12
Nov 1, 2006
The entire crew from Laguna heads down to Cabo San Lucas for spring break; whatever happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo.

You Don't Just Get Me Back

S3 E13
Nov 8, 2006
With prom just around the corner, Alex decides that he made a huge mistake when he broke up with Rocky.

Show Them What You've Got

S3 E14
Nov 11, 2006
Open Air Stereo gives the performance of a lifetime and Rocky and Tessa snuggle up with old boyfriends.

See You In A Decade

S3 E15
Nov 15, 2006
It's graduation time and the seniors are getting ready to head to college, while the remaining juniors start to think about their senior year.