Season 1

Episode Guide

A Black & White Affair

S1 E1
Sep 28, 2004
Their senior year is winding down and the kids from Laguna Beach are just getting started for their summer of fun...and drama.

The Bonfire

S1 E2
Oct 5, 2004
The love triangle between Stephen, Kristin, and LC is becoming more obvious, and each of them is really starting to feel the pressure.

Fast Cars & Fast Women

S1 E3
Oct 12, 2004
When LC, Stephen and Trey check out a designer fashion show in LA, LC watches Stephen's attention turn from fashion to fashion models.

Eighteen Candles

S1 E4
Oct 19, 2004
When Morgan throws Christina an 18th-birthday bash, she cuts LC and Lo from the guest list, so bumping into them the next day at the nail salon was sweet irony. Christina and Morgan then head to NYC for their spring break trip.

What Happens In Cabo...

S1 E5
Oct 26, 2004
It's spring break in Cabo and anything can happen, especially since LC, Stephen and Kristin are staying in the same hotel. Kristin's wild partying at a club prompts a fight with Stephen, opening the door for him to hook back up with LC.

The Best Part of Breaking Up....

S1 E6
Nov 2, 2004
After the craziness of Cabo, Kristin invites Stephen to a Blink 182 concert with the hopes of getting back together. LC, Lo, Trey and Dieter also hit the show and when an outsider insults LC and Lo’s character, Trey steps up in their defense.

The Last Dance

S1 E7
Nov 9, 2004
It’s prom time, and while everyone is caught up with who’s going with whom, which pair of Charles David shoes look best with their dress, and how to fit everyone in the stretch Hummer limo, Kristin’s biggest concern is a drama-free night with Stephen.

Grin and Bear It

S1 E8
Nov 16, 2004
The seniors charter a yacht to Catalina, but Lo skips out, leaving LC without a buddy to survive camping, kayaking, and Stephen and Kristin’s incessant cuddling.

Graduation Day

S1 E9
Nov 23, 2004
Graduation day is here and the seniors spend time with their families getting ready for the big event. Through a Senior Video Project, the seniors reveal their personal thoughts on graduation, senior year, and life after Laguna.

The First To Go

S1 E10
Nov 30, 2004
Free from school, the gang lives up their last summer together, but when they gather for a final barbeque at Trey’s house, the reality of leaving Laguna and each other starts to sink in.


S1 E11
Dec 7, 2004
In the final days before leaving Laguna, Stephen must tie up loose ends, first saying goodbye to Trey, then the surf shop and finally Kristin. Luckily there’s one person he won’t have to part with…