Season 2

Episode Guide

Since You Been Gone

S2 E1
Jul 25, 2005
It's Christmas break in Laguna Beach. Kristin has ruled the school, LC is leaving San Francisco and the drama is all around.

You Can't Trust Him

S2 E2
Aug 1, 2005
Love and Laguna Beach mix like chocolate and onions. Things with Stephen and Kristin are dunzo, but what about him and LC? And rumors about Jason and Alex M abound.

So Hard to Say Goodbye

S2 E3
Aug 8, 2005
It's B-day time in LB for both Kristen and LC. Kristen and Talan flirt up a storm, while old feelings stir between Stephen and LC at her party south of the border.

More Than Friends

S2 E4
Aug 15, 2005
Jason and Talan stir up all kinds of trouble when their eyes start to wander from their girlfriends Jessica and Taylor.

Winter Formal

S2 E5
Aug 22, 2005
It's time to suit up for the LB Winter Formal and nothing causes more drama than a girl asks boy dance. Drama is what Jason gets when he goes with Alex M not Jessica.

I Hate Valentine's Day

S2 E6
Aug 29, 2005
Valentine's Day brings nothing but trouble for Jessica who's still desperately hanging on to Jason (whose heart is clearly elsewhere).

Get Over Him

S2 E7
Sep 5, 2005
The LB hotties head from the beach to the slopes to cheer up Jessica after Jason calls them dunzo.

What Goes Around

S2 E8
Sep 12, 2005
The Jessica, Jason and Alex M. love triangle continues to get complicated when Alex finds out that Jessica and Jason have been hooking up again behind her back.

Cabo, Cabo, Cabo

S2 E9
Sep 19, 2005
The gang heads south of the border to Cabo and things get super spicy when Alex confronts Jessica about hooking up with Jason and the two nearly come to blows.

Lies and Goodbye

S2 E10
Sep 26, 2005
Things get tricky when Talan professes his love to Kristen shortly before Stephen does the same.

Don't Hate the Game

S2 E11
Oct 3, 2005
Kristen hooks up with Jessica's new crush. Stephen and LC share a moment in San Fran.

Our Last Prom

S2 E12
Oct 10, 2005
It's prom time again at LB and the usual hijinx are in full force. Kristin still has no date. Will Talan swoop in and take her, or is it stag city for the blonde bombshell?

Boys Are Like Purses

S2 E13
Oct 17, 2005
LC decides it's time to do what she does best and throw a poolside BBQ. Kristin reluctantly shows up briefly, and Stephen idly watches as Jason steals LC's heart.

The End of the Beginning

S2 E14
Oct 24, 2005
The time has finally come for the gang to graduate high school and leave their LB bubble... mixed emotions run high and the tears start a rolling.

I Saw You Kiss Her

S2 E15
Oct 31, 2005
Jason kisses Jessica and gets busted by LC. Look out!

Nothing More to Say

S2 E16
Nov 7, 2005
LC throws another party and after his moronic actions at the benefit. Jason comes crawling back to apologize, but he can't even do that well.

The Last Surf

S2 E17
Nov 14, 2005
It's the end of the summer, and the time has come for everybody to leave beautiful Laguna Beach. The cast must come to terms with where their lives will go from here.