Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

A Monster At The Gate

S1 E1
Dec 05, 2021
JOE PICKETT is a suspenseful crime drama set in an epic Western landscape. As the new Game Warden of Saddlestring, WY, Joe gets off to a rocky start when a poacher steals his gun.

Circling Vultures

S1 E2
Dec 05, 2021
Joe teams up with a reluctant Sheriff's department to investigate a murder that hits too close to home. A mysterious survivalist named Nate Romanowski is arrested for the crime.

Joey, Get Your Gun

S1 E3
Dec 05, 2021
Joe teams up with his old friend Wacey Hedeman to search the mountains for 2 missing outfitters who might be the killers. Meanwhile, Nate asks Joe's wife, Marybeth, to be his lawyer.

A Conspiracy Of Ravens

S1 E4
Dec 12, 2021
The town comes together at the Saddlestring Deer Days Festival and Joe is treated like a hero for solving a double murder. But Joe & Marybeth suspect the real killers may still be at large.

Live and Look Like A Million

S1 E5
Dec 12, 2021
After Ote Keeley's bizarre funeral, Joe and Marybeth agree it's too dangerous to continue investigating the murders. They make a deal to stop, but they both struggle to stick to that deal.

Shoot, Shovel, And Shut Up

S1 E6
Dec 19, 2021
After his annual "budget meeting" with Saddlestring's goat mayor, Joe investigates a grisly crime at Violet and Vivian's emu farm. Missy and McLanahan get closer.

The Most Hated Man In Twelve Sleep

S1 E7
Dec 19, 2021
Joe finds a key piece of the puzzle, which gets him in trouble at work. Jeannie abandons April after a deadly encounter with a killer.

The Killing Fields

S1 E8
Dec 26, 2021
Joe and Nate form an uneasy alliance as they head up the mountain in search of evidence in support of Joe's theory. Meanwhile, we learn in flashbacks who really killed Ote.


S1 E9
Dec 26, 2021
Sheridan must survive a terrifying night on her own by hiding from her increasingly unhinged stalker. Joe desperately tries to protect his family. Marybeth undergoes emergency surgery.

Open Season

S1 E10
Dec 26, 2021
Joe races from Marybeth's hospital bedside to rescue Sheridan, who has spent the night hiding from her stalker. With help from her and Nate, Joe has a final showdown with the killers.