Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Sweet Treats

S1 E1
Feb 21, 2021
Host Gregg Wallace channels his inner-Charlie Bucket as he enters chocolate factories across the U.K. His mission: to explore the extraordinary machines that make some of our favorite sweet treats (and maybe sample one or two along the way). Witness the ingenious engineering and science that goes into satisfying the world's sweet tooth, from a river of chocolate that "enrobes" biscuits to a high-speed machine that individually wraps 24,000 candies an hour to a state-of-the-art mixer that produces 70 tons of cake dough a day.


S1 E2
Feb 28, 2021
Chances are, at some point during the day, you will have enjoyed a glass of milk, a cup or coffee or tea, or a bottled soft drink. We need fluids to survive, and as we're about to find out, we also need some incredible, cutting-edge technology to get those fluids to our homes. Witness remarkable feats of engineering and automation as we enter drink factories across the U.K. to see how their machines mash fruit, blend tea, freeze coffee, move milk, and more. Then discover the science behind the mass production.


S1 E3
Mar 07, 2021
Whether it's a quick bite between meals or a late-night nosh, everyone loves a good snack, and all over the world, there are food factories sending them out as quickly as we can devour them. Join Host Gregg Wallace as he looks under the hood of the remarkable machines that make our favorite snacks, from a contraption that slices 12 pieces of pepperoni onto 100 pizzas a minute to the 87-yard-long conveyor oven that bakes an ongoing parade of chocolate biscuits to the ingenious filler that loads up 120 tubes of squeezable cheese a minute.

Family Meals

S1 E4
Mar 14, 2021
Most of our favorite comfort foods, from frozen pizzas and fish sticks to baked beans and sausages, will travel through as many as 30 different machines before they find their way to your cupboard, fridge, or freezer. But how exactly is a fish stick flash frozen? And are beans cooked and then canned or canned and then cooked? And how do eggs get separated on an industrial scale? Follow host Gregg Wallace as he travels the food factories of Europe to explore the wild and wonderful technology behind the family meal staples we all enjoy.