Season 4

Episode Guide

The Key to Redemption

S4 E1
Jul 11, 2017
A team challenge gone awry leaves one angry canvas looking for answers from Kito and MV, and Bang and Danger Dave return to fight for a shot at redemption.

Bury the Redemption Hatchet

S4 E2
Jul 18, 2017
Christian Buckingham, Duffy Fortner and Jime Litwalk return to face canvases with a bone to pick, and the artists face off for the chance at redemption.

Close Encounters of the Redemption Kind

S4 E3
Jul 25, 2017
Mike McAskill surprises disappointed canvases at their homes and must prove he deserves a second chance, and one canvas returns with extraterrestrial backup.

Tuff Redemption

S4 E4
Aug 1, 2017
Tuff Tito faces a disgruntled couple with botched tattoos, and things get heated when Miami Burgess is confronted by an unhappy canvas.

Redemption Showdown

S4 E5
Aug 8, 2017
Two canvases return to face the artist duo that wronged them during tag-team tattoos, and teammates ES, King Ruck, John Collins and Sirvone return to settle the score.

A Redemption Best Served Cold

S4 E6
Aug 15, 2017
Robbie Ripoll must put his emotions aside when confronted by a canvas with a botched glute tattoo, and Nick D'Angelo returns for a second chance with a disappointed canvas.

Holy Trinity of Redemption

S4 E7
Aug 22, 2017
Three canvases return with a bone to pick with St. Marq, and the self-proclaimed tattoo god must swallow his pride for a chance at redemption.

Redemption Rescue

S4 E8
Aug 29, 2017
Emotions run high when canvases with regretful tattoos confront artist Dave Clarke, and ES must convince a canvas to give him a second chance.

Down the Redemption Highway

S4 E9
Sep 5, 2017
Dave Navarro and artist Craig Foster hit the road to visit disappointed canvases in an attempt to win back their trust and mend their botched tattoos.

A Master Redemption

S4 E10
Sep 12, 2017
Ink Master Anthony Michaels returns to coach prematurely eliminated artists Princess Hilla and Danielle McKnight as they battle it out for a shot at redemption.