Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Winter is Coming

S1 E1
Nov 15, 2020
Winter is coming to Alaska, and it's bringing an avalanche of challenges to the men and women who help keep Ted Stevens International Airport (ANC) running. Wildlife management teams find innovative ways to keep the area's creatures and planes from running into each other, while airfield maintenance crews fire up their multi-million-dollar machines to keep the runways clear. A race to replace 6-ton cargo jet engine, a medical emergency landing, and the hunt for a gunman in the terminal add to the drama as the season's first snow storm arrives.

Struck By Lightning

S1 E2
Nov 22, 2020
The Sunday after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year at airports across America, but Ted Stevens International in Anchorage (ACN) presents several added challenges. It's remote, the weather is extreme, and so is the local wildlife. Follow the airport's hardworking staff--in the terminal and on the tarmac--as they spend the day taking on snowstorms, lightning strikes, and even birds of prey, all while welcoming through 187 cargo planes, 241 commercial jets, and thousands of passengers (including one North Pole celebrity).

Lights Out

S1 E3
Nov 29, 2020
In the depths of winter, Ted Stevens Airport (ANC) in Anchorage operates in the dark for up to 19 hours a day, so its state-of-the-art lighting system is vital to keep planes moving. Without it, air traffic shuts down. Follow the airport's electrician foreman and his team as they race to fix a string of 60 runway lights that have gone out. Then head to the busiest seaplane base in the world, where pilots fly more than 150 missions a day into the Alaskan wilderness, always at risk of being stranded in temperatures as low as -35 degrees.

Coronavirus Crisis

S1 E4
Dec 06, 2020
Ted Stevens Airport (ANC) is about to make history in a way no one could have anticipated. They are awaiting the first flight of American evacuees arriving from the coronavirus-plagued city of Wuhan, China. The North Terminal has been locked. Somehow, they must screen 201 potentially infected passengers while keeping operations running normally. Add on a damaging three-day snowstorm and a daring, first-ever attempt to airlift a small plane by helicopter, and it makes for a blizzard of challenges for the men and woman of the "Ice Airport."

Relentless Winter

S1 E5
Dec 13, 2020
Every year, up to six million tons of snow fall at Ted Stevens International Airport (ANC) in winter, and this season, there are no signs of the bad weather letting up. The airfield clearing team has been working 24/7 to keep the runways open during a storm that would shut down other airports in minutes. Witness the precisely choreographed dance of multi-million-dollar machinery used to plow potentially lethal ice and snow and to clear the 6,000 lights and high tech instrument landing systems so pilots can safely land their planes.

50 Year Storm

S1 E6
Dec 20, 2020
Winter is nearly over in Alaska, but at Ted Stevens International Airport (ANC), spring seems a long way off. Snow is falling at an inch an hour and even with $40 million dollars' worth of equipment, the airfield maintenance crew is struggling to stay on top of the blizzard and keep the runways operational. The airport is also experiencing white-out conditions, which play a role in a de-icing truck flipping over. It's an accident that could release a 2,000-gallon cocktail of hazardous chemicals and diesel fuel unless it is quickly contained.