Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Hood Pass

S1 E1
Jun 27, 2017
James journeys deep into the hood to get his official hood pass, samples the cooking at the Trap Kitchen and puts a whole new spin on "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Black Activism

S1 E2
Jul 04, 2017
James makes crossing the street and driving safer for black people, creates an escape room to simulate what it's like to be a black man and hosts Between Two DeRays.


S1 E3
Jul 11, 2017
James investigates what it's like to be a token minority in college today, hosts a debate between two DeRays and quizzes students in "What's Really Hood?"

Black Twitter

S1 E4
Jul 18, 2017
James uses memes to revive an actor's career, challenges Beyonce fans to rethink their online bullying and debates side-piece humor with prominent Black Twitter users.


S1 E5
Jul 25, 2017
James helps a gang-affiliated woman with her dating life, learns the ins and outs of gang territory and develops an app for navigating the hood.

Michael Jordan

S1 E6
Aug 01, 2017
James investigates his obsession with Michael Jordan through therapy, a virtual simulation and a visit to All-Star Weekend.


S1 E7
Aug 08, 2017
James indulges his love of golf by entering the Golf Beef tournament, hanging out with a young prodigy and playing a round with a blind golfer.

Black Girl Magic

S1 E8
Aug 09, 2017
To celebrate the achievements of black women, Jazmyn Simon performs a black girl magic trick, and James introduces a "Hidden Figures"-esque movie about Shirley Ann Jackson.