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    Ghislaine: Partner in Crime


    S1 E1 Secrets and Shame

    Ghislaine Maxwell's criminal trial in 2021 uncovers explosive revelations detailed by a member of the jury, survivors and lawyers. Those closest to the former socialite explore her privileged yet turbulent upbringing. How could this child of a billionaire end up in a courtroom charged with helping her rich friend Jeffrey Epstein recruit, groom and traffic teenage girls as young as 14 for sexual abuse? A Shakespearian tragedy - her family stands by her unconditionally. It's never too late for the truth.


Ghislaine - Partner In Crime
In an intimate portrait of the infamous partner to Jeffrey Epstein, this four part series explores the central question in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial - how deeply was she involved in the sex trafficking ring that abused hundreds of women and girls over a span of decades, and how did the former socialite become the accomplice to one of the worst sex offenders in history?

Through court evidence, news reports, interviews with legal experts, journalists, friends and most crucially her alleged victims, we unravel the pyramid scheme of sexual abuse that Ghislaine controlled, gaining insight into the psychology of the vulnerable teenage girls who were groomed to the point that they willingly walked into the home of an abuser. Shocking interviews will reveal what really went on at Epstein’s various properties, including his secluded private island.

Alongside breaking new ground about her alleged crimes, Ghislaine’s close friends, family and confidantes will also paint a vivid picture of her life and lifestyle – full of parties, casual A-list friendships and scandal. We will delve into her privileged background and examine how the daughter of a billionaire, who grew up in a British stately home and went to Oxford University, became embroiled in a seedy scandal of epic proportions that reached the highest echelons of society, all the way to Prince Andrew and the royal family.

When the layers of Ghislaine’s upbringing, relationships, and mindset are peeled back, audiences will gain a deeper understanding of a woman so desperate to please a pedophile that she did the unthinkable.
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Ghislaine - Partner In Crime