Season 3

Episode Guide

Doug's Fat Cat/Doug and Patti P.I.

S3 E1
Apr 10, 1993
Roger asks Doug to take care of his cat, Stinky, while he goes on a trip. Stinky not only tears up the Funnie home but also eats all the junk food in the house and gets sick. Doug rushes him to the vet, feeling totally responsible. Someone has sabotaged the wheelbarrow race at the Bluffington picnic and Doug and Pattie team up to solve the mystery.

Doug's Servitude/Doug Rocks The House

S3 E2
Apr 17, 1993
Judy catches Doug breaking a keepsake of their mother's. To keep her quiet, Doug must agree to be her slave for a week. He suffers through until he realizes that the only way out is to tell the truth. Doug demolishes an entire house in a rock-throwing contest with Roger.

Doug's Comic Collaboration/Doug's Pet Capades

S3 E3
Apr 24, 1993
Doug and Skeeter decide to work together to create their own comic book. Roger and his pet Stinky challenge Doug and Porkchop to enter the Bluffington pet talent show.

Doug's Career Anxiety/Doug's Big Brawl

S3 E4
May 08, 1993
Through an error in the guidance counselor's computer, Doug is chosen corporate executive in charge of the class project for Career Week. Defending himself, Doug punches Larry the AV nerd, who thought Doug was making fun of him.

Doug's Huge Zit/Doug Flies A Kite

S3 E5
May 15, 1993
Doug was looking forward to Beebe's party, until something shows up that makes it impossible for him to go out in public. Phil Funnie convinces Doug that he has a great idea for a kite to compete in the upcoming Bluffscout airshow.

Doug and the Weird Kids/Doug's Behind the Wheel

S3 E6
May 22, 1993
Doug is paired with the weird twins Al and Moo Sleech for the class project of "Get to Know your Fellow Student." Judy is getting her license, and Doug tells Pattie that she'll take them to the amusement park. But Judy fails, and Doug must help her pass any way he can.

Doug's New Teacher/Doug On First

S3 E7
May 29, 1993
Mrs. Wingo has a substitute and Doug somehow makes a bad first impression. Patti's pulverizers are winning games but all of the parents, including Doug's dad, want their kid to pitch.

Doug's Cartoon/Doug's Monster Movie

S3 E8
Jun 05, 1993
Assistant Principle Bone shuts down the school newspaper becaus of Doug's unflattering cartoon of the school's least favorite lunch food, magic meat. Doug and Skeeter are having trouble finding a scary monster for their video movie, until the Mayor, spurned by Doug's mom, starts a "beautify Bluffington" campaign.

Doug's Hot Property/Doug & The Little Liar

S3 E9
Jun 12, 1993
Some tough highschoolers offer to sell Doug the rarest Man-O-Steel Man comic book, the only issue he is missing. The same issue is missing from the local comic store, and Doug feels guilty owning the only copy around. Doug is convinvced that Skeeter's new girlfriend, Loretta, is a liar, and Skeeter is blindly being taken for a ride.

Doug Inc./Doug's Nightmare on Jumbo Street

S3 E10
Jun 19, 1993
Doug wants to raise enough money to buy a new skateboard and sets up a lawnmowing enterprise to do so. He may raise the cash but lose friends in the process. Everyone is talking about the final scene in the latest horror flick. But Doug closed his eyes and missed the ending. He finally gets up the courage to view the film again, and realizes it's not only NOT scary, it's silly.

Doug's Shock Therapy/Doug is Hamburger Boy

S3 E11
Jun 26, 1993
Doug unwittingly volunteers to take get-well cards to Mr. Bone who is in the hospital. But Mr. Bone thinks he's getting Doug's prized skateboard. Dink volunteers Doug to dress up as the Big Honkerburger for a week.

Doug and the Yard of Doom/Doug's Garage Band

S3 E12
Jul 03, 1993
Doug and Skeeter accidentally toss Patti's new frisbee into a fenced-in yard. Going in after it, Doug has a near-death experience when he encounters a huge guard dog. Beebe gets Doug and Skeeter their first gig for their new band, but they have to let her join. Now, every time Doug wants to add something for the show he has to let in new members.

Doug Operation Moody School/Doug's Magic Act

S3 E13
Jul 10, 1993
Doug is accused of helping the Moody School kids steal a piece of the Bluffington School float for the upcoming parade. Doug tries to impress Patti with a magic trick, but it backfires and they become handcuffed together.