Season 14

Episode Guide

The Devil and D.B. Russell

S14 E1
Sep 26, 2013
D.B. Russell leads the CSI team on a hunt to find Morgan and Ellie Brass following their kidnapping by a ritualistic killer. Eric Roberts,James Callis, Tim Matheson, Annabella Sciorra and Teal Redmann guest star.

Take The Money And Run

S14 E2
Oct 3, 2013
The CSI team is called in to investigate a murder and robbery at a poker game that had more than a million dollars in chips on the table.

Torch Song

S14 E3
Oct 10, 2013
The CSI team investigates a fire at a music venue that leaves four people dead, including two band members. John Ratzenberger guest stars as club owner Stu Kirchoff.

Last Supper

S14 E4
Oct 17, 2013
When contestants on a reality cooking show accidentally eat human flesh during a competition, the CSI team is brought in to investigate. Chef Wolfgang Puck guest stars as himself. Model Catrinel Menghia Marlon returns as Italian bombshell Elisabetta

Frame By Frame

S14 E5
Oct 24, 2013
Catherine Willows returns to help the CSIs solve a cold case that has haunted the team for 14 years. Marg Helgenberger returns as Catherine Willows and Jason Priestley guest stars as casino mogul Jack Witten.

Passed Pawns

S14 E6
Oct 31, 2013
The CSI team investigates the death of a homeless man who had a huge winning streak at a small casino. Peri Gilpin returns as Barbara Russell. Matt Davis guest stars as day shift CSI Sean Yeager.

Under A Cloud

S14 E7
Nov 7, 2013
The CSI team investigates a John Doe found during torrential rains in Vegas. Meanwhile, Greg Sanders is investigated and accused of framing a man for murder seven years ago. Lea Thompson guest stars.


S14 E8
Nov 14, 2013
When a man is found dead inside a human-sized hamster ball, the CSI team is brought in to investigate. Also, the team collaborates with a swing shift CSI on a case involving a serial rapist. Matt Davis guest stars as day shift CSI Sean Yeager.

Check In And Check Out

S14 E9
Nov 21, 2013
The CSI team is called in to investigate the stabbing of a couple found at a local motel that is reminiscent of two incidents that occurred in the same room. Jordin Sparks guest stars.

Girls Gone Wild

S14 E10
Nov 28, 2013
A spa weekend for Sara, Finlay and Morgan turns into a murder investigation and missing persons case when Finlay disappears, as the CSI team must piece together what happened in detail to find her.

The Lost Reindeer

S14 E11
Dec 12, 2013
When a man is found murdered at an elaborate holiday party complete with real snow and live reindeer, the CSI team is brought in to investigate.

Keep Calm And Carry On

S14 E12
Jan 16, 2014
A petty crime aboard an inbound plane to Vegas becomes a murder investigation when one of the passengers is found dead. Joel Grey guest stars.

Boston Brakes

S14 E13
Jan 23, 2014
The CSIs are called to investigate a car crash and are shocked to discover the victim is someone they know.

De Los Muertos

S14 E14
Feb 6, 2014
When the CSI team works two separate investigations, one involving a woman found murdered in Mexico and another of a local couple found dead in their driveway, they find the evidence in one case may help the other.

Love For Sale

S14 E15
Feb 20, 2014
Nick and Greg investigate the death of a 16-year-old girl with ties to a brothel.

Killer Moves

S14 E16
Mar 6, 2014
The CSIs investigate the murders of an Elvis impersonator and a bird that are strangely connected. Ron Glass guest stars.

Long Road Home

S14 E17
Mar 13, 2014
The CSIs investigate the murder of a rock and roll groupie and the disappearance of a prostitute that both have ties to a mysterious band. KISS lead singer and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Gene Simmons guest stars as himself.


S14 E18
Mar 20, 2014
The CSIs are called to investigate when an entire family is reported to have been missing for a month.

The Fallen

S14 E19
Apr 3, 2014
Russell is taken hostage after a teenager opens fire in a police station.


S14 E20
Apr 10, 2014
The CSIs track a cannibalistic killer and discover he's not alone.


S14 E21
May 1, 2014
The CSIs investigate the cyber-related murder of a prominent casino owner's wife and receive help from the FBI's Cyber Crime Division. Patricia Arquette guest stars.

Dead In His Tracks

S14 E22
May 8, 2014
The CSIs investigate a present-day crime with ties to a mob heist that occurred 25 years ago. Meanwhile, Brass has a decision to make when his daughter attempts suicide on the 14th Season Finale.