Season 12

Episode Guide

73 Seconds

S12 E1
Sep 22, 2011
Multiple shootings and stabbings on a public tram leaves the CSI team with one witness and a lot of questions.

Tell-Tale Hearts

S12 E2
Sep 29, 2011
Three suspects come forward with three different reasons why they killed an entire family and the CSI team has to determine who is telling the truth.


S12 E3
Oct 6, 2011
While on a date, Stokes realizes a piece of art at an exhibit has decomposing body parts in it, which leads to a full-blown investigation. Also, D.B. Russell makes a decision to ground one of the staff from the case.

Maid Man

S12 E4
Oct 13, 2011
The former Mayor of Las Vegas is shot at the Mob Museum and the CSIs embark on a history lesson in search of clues.

CSI Down

S12 E5
Oct 20, 2011
Anthony E. Zuiker says, 'Can you say plot twist... from the air? This episode finds CSI Brody (Elisabeth Harnois) in a helicopter with a dead body... or is it? In an incredible twist of fate, a routine flight to collect evidence takes a dramatic turn by developing into a hostage situation.'

Freaks & Geeks

S12 E6
Nov 3, 2011
When a Jane Doe is found near the freakish attractions of a 19th-century-inspired traveling sideshow, the team investigates a cast of unusual characters.

Brain Doe

S12 E7
Nov 10, 2011
When the CSI team arrives at a car crash, they find three casualties and a human brain that doesn't belong to any of the victims. Also, D.B. Russell is concerned his son is not focused on college following his suspension from school.

Crime After Crime

S12 E8
Nov 17, 2011
When the CSI team investigates three seemingly unrelated murders, they discover someone is getting revenge for cold case murders that were never solved.


S12 E9
Dec 8, 2011
When the CSI team discovers a deceased rancher was also a ballistics expert, they have to work with the FBI to solve the case. (

Genetic Disorder

S12 E10
Dec 15, 2011
When the body of a naked dead man is discovered by Dr. Robbins' wife in their master bedroom, it leads to a lot of questions for the CSI team.

Ms. Willows Regrets...

S12 E11
Jan 19, 2012
When Willows works with the FBI again after a professional hit occurs at a law firm she recommended to her friend, the CSI team identifies shocking similarities at the crime scene.

Willows In The Wind

S12 E12
Jan 26, 2012
Anthony E. Zuiker says, 'Catherine Willows is shot! Wait, what? In this CSI thriller, Willows and D.B. Russell (Ted Danso) are after hitmen trying to kill her. This is an episode where Mark Gabriel's hitmen are trigger happy and our star is their prey. This is a must watch if you're a Marg Helgenberger fan.'

Tressed To Kill

S12 E13
Feb 9, 2012
When a woman is found dead and her hair is done up '70s style complete with vintage clothes, the CSI team discovers clues that point to a killer with a hair fetish.

Seeing Red

S12 E14
Feb 16, 2012
Russell asks for advice from a former colleague on a case involving the death of a man's ex-girlfriend. Elisabeth Shue makes her series debut as new CSI Julie Finlay.

Stealing Home

S12 E15
Feb 23, 2012
When a house is stolen completely off its foundation, the CSIs are on the case in search of answers. Meanwhile, new CSI Julie Finlay showcases her skill in blood analysis.

CSI Unplugged

S12 E16
Mar 1, 2012
When a blackout cripples the city, the CSIs must revert to old-school methods to solve the case of a missing c

Trends With Benefits

S12 E17
Mar 15, 2012
The CSIs are brought in to solve the case of a recently murdered student whose death photo ends up trending on the Internet.

Malice In Wonderland

S12 E18
Mar 22, 2012
When the CSI team is called in to investigate a robbery-homicide at an "Alice In Wonderland" themed wedding, they have little to work with to find a killer. Meanwhile, Hodges' mother comes to town, and he wants her to believe Morgan is his girlfriend. Jaclyn Smith guest stars as Olivia Hodges.

Split Decisions

S12 E19
Apr 5, 2012
When the CSI team is called in to investigate a man who is shot at point-blank range in a local casino, they shut down the entire building to find their killer.

Altered Stakes

S12 E20
Apr 12, 2012
When Stokes learns that a man he helped put in prison is going to have his conviction overturned, the CSI team needs to prove the killer is guilty again or he will be released.

Dune And Gloom

S12 E21
May 3, 2012
When a bomb kills an off-road race truck driver mid-race, the CSI team is called on the scene to investigate why.


S12 E22
May 9, 2012
The CSI team investigates three dead bodies just blocks away from a campaign dinner, they think they know who the killer is before making a shocking discovery. Guest Stars Include Peri Gilpin as Barbara Russell, Enrique Murciano as Detective Carlos Moreno, Conor O'Farrell who reprises his role as Undersheriff Jeffrey McKeen and Jaclyn Smith as Olivia Hodges.