Season 2

Episode Guide

Samuel Jackson Beer & Racial Draft

S2 E1
Jan 20, 2004
Dave debuts Samuel Jackson beer and reveals major upsets in "The Racial Draft."

Negrodamus & The Niggar Family

S2 E2
Jan 27, 2004
Paul Mooney introduces Negrodamus, and Dave imagines a black Gallagher.

White People Can't Dance & The Three Daves

S2 E3
Feb 03, 2004
Dave challenges the myth that white people can't dance.

The Love Contract & True Hollywood Stories: Rick James

S2 E4
Feb 10, 2004
Rick James is one of the baddest mothaf**kers of all time.

True Hollywood Stories: Prince & Red Balls Energy Drink

S2 E5
Feb 17, 2004
Negrodamus answers questions, and Charlie Murphy plays basketball with Prince.

World Series of Dice & Mooney on Movies

S2 E7
Mar 02, 2004
The Marcy Projects hosts a champion shooter contest, and Paul Mooney talks "Gone with the Wind."

I Know Black People & Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

S2 E8
Mar 09, 2004
Dave asks contestants how much they know about black American culture.

Oprah's Baby Daddy & Jury Duty

S2 E9
Mar 16, 2004
Dave gets Oprah pregnant and recalls being a member of the O.J. Simpson trial jury.

Kneehigh Park & Making da Band

S2 E10
Mar 23, 2004
P. Diddy gives unusual requests, and Snoop Dogg visits Kneehigh Park; appearances by Q-Tip and Wyclef Jean.

Mandela Boot Camp & The Time Haters

S2 E11
Mar 30, 2004
Dave reveals sketches that are too hot for television.

Wayne Brady & Tyrone Biggums's Fear Factor

S2 E12
Apr 06, 2004
Dave gives up his show to Wayne Brady, and Tyrone Biggums returns as a guest on "Fear Factor."

Lil Jon on Lil Jon & Black Bush

S2 E13
Apr 13, 2004
Dave considers how recent events would have played out if President Bush were black; special guests Jamie Foxx, Lil John, and music from Outkast's Big Boi.